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Wheee, a brand-new radiological error!

So, Fringe, Season Four Episode Four.  Astrid… …mmm, Astrid…sorry, where was I?  Oh yeah.  Astrid investigated a Fringe event using a Ludlum GM probe. So naturally she waved it over a pile of magnetized metal and reported “two rad”.  (“rad”=radiation absorbed … Continue reading

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Nuclear Numbskulls.

Watching Numb3rs on Netflix.  It’s pretty entertaining, but not of course nowhere near as intelligent as it would have you believe.  Having said that, their “dirty bomb” episode is slightly less inaccurate than other shows’ rad ravings.  They got three … Continue reading

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The Bones of an idea.

edohiguma and I go at philosophy hammer-and-tongs.  It’s inevitable because we’re both honest and we both like things clear and precise.  So we clash ideas together despite the extreme unlikelihood of either altering the other’s position. We’re also allies, because … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, about the latest blogging disappearance.

The general reason remains the same:  hopelessness and rage.  America isn’t decaying toward death, it is decaying due to death.  My country is dead and its burial continues, under mountains of lies and hatred.  Why blog about it when I’m … Continue reading

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Won’t bother with links to two pretty good shows.

Trying to get some money’s worth out of a new online Netflix subscription.  Mostly watching South Park, but O.D.ed on it briefly.  So it’s been Mad Men and 30 Rock over the weekend. My big problem with Mad Men is … Continue reading

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Fine…hear my grumble!

Okay…maybe rather than full hibernation, I’ll grumpily emerge from the cave on rare occasions and growl.  But only for things no normal person could care about.  I’m finally watching the first season of “24”.  There’s much to like about it, … Continue reading

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Who and then.

No posting because I’ve been watching–free!–Doctor Who episodes. Since most posts here are on social and political issues, and today is an apathy day, no posts so far. As far as the show, in two years it’ll be fifty years … Continue reading

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Torchwood–when did whining men become sexy?

Is it a metrosexual thing? Torchwood, a spinoff of Doctor Who, is pretty entertaining. But it has one of the most “inexplicably attractive” characters ever.  In addition to being whiny, surly, insulting, and self-absorbed, “Owen” isn’t even that attractive.  But … Continue reading

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Have seen three episodes of the short-lived series Surface, I think there’s 12 to go. Another good, short-lived series. It’s awfully ambitious in its scope. I plan on getting Lost–that is, getting the series Lost–when it’s on special. But apparently … Continue reading

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The smoking Chekov’s Gun.

(MILD SPOILER ALERT) Finished Deadwood. Was sorely disappointed. The wrapup could be the worst betrayal of Chekov’s Gun I’ve ever seen. The quality of the work remained high, the characters compelling. But Deadwood spent entire episodes establishing factions and foreshadowing … Continue reading

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