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Occam’s Spaghetti.

Smug atheists like to “counter” belief in God by pointing to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As I understand it, the argument is, “God can’t be proven not to exist, but neither can the Flying Spaghetti Monster; therefore…God is no more … Continue reading

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No, killing God doesn’t kill morality…

…it kills the basis of morality. Not much sleep last night, had a post-Superbowl discussion with my German (and presumably agnostic) friend. My main argument, succinctly, goes: Eliminating God changes “right and wrong” into “might makes right”. The rest of … Continue reading

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Outspoken atheists.

Whatta bunch of maroons. It’s, yet again, that poking a man-eating bear with a stick thing. Let me get this straight, atheists. You think religious belief is responsible for most hatred and wars, and that adherents are often murderously insane. … Continue reading

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