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Repetition, repetiton, repeti…hey wait, that doesn’t add up!

Just now saw Nooneofanyimport’s post on the education industry’s attempt to program children. To be charitable, most of the people trying to brainwash these kids were themselves programmed in their youth. Repetition is the brute force approach to lying, and … Continue reading

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Interrelated optimizations are a very bad idea.

I used to think optimization was a great idea. And it is, as long as you optimize single processes. But nested or contingent optimizations are extremely unwise. Go for robustness instead. What changed my mind? Vernor Vinge. He’s one of … Continue reading

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The difference between science and philosophy or faith.

If a phenomenon can be reproduced, it’s science. If not, it ain’t. The Big Bang Theory is not scientific, regardless of whether or not it’s true.  If a concept related to the BBT can be experimented with, it is scientific. The … Continue reading

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Real Ultimate Power!

That title, of course, is from an ancient Internet classic. What would you do with absolute power?  Not “omnipotence”.  There’s no such thing as omnipotence, it’s a nonsense word.  Can God make a weight so heavy even He can’t lift it?  … Continue reading

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