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Reinventing the Wheel, Badly:

I didn’t get to this when I intended to, but it’s here anyways. One constant of too many activist groups is their utter disdain for those not included in the group; compounded with this is their purely religious level belief … Continue reading

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Hazard, alarm, consequence.

Deaths by workplace. Summary of what led to yesterday’s radiological injuries: Possibly hazardous work was performed by untrailed personnel.  Hazard extent: unknown. The workers sent to do the work were incapable of determining the hazard.  That hazard was present, in levels vastly beyond the … Continue reading

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What exactly do you think is going to happen?

I see Civil War II on the horizon. It’s not what I want, but it’ll happen.  Increasing physical conflict. See, both sides attack differently, and neither understands what the other is doing.  If combatants can’t even agree about who’s winning and losing, how do … Continue reading

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No, killing God doesn’t kill morality…

…it kills the basis of morality. Not much sleep last night, had a post-Superbowl discussion with my German (and presumably agnostic) friend. My main argument, succinctly, goes: Eliminating God changes “right and wrong” into “might makes right”. The rest of … Continue reading

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I’m positive the answer is negative, Ace.

In this post, Ace wonders at what point a system of waivers becomes actually unconstitutional — because anyone not granted a waiver is being burdened by a restrictive and possibly punitive law that others aren’t. It’s unconstitutional from the start. … Continue reading

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About “minorities”.

In a reply to Mycroft I used “minorities” without the quotes. Usually I don’t, because the word bugs me. The idea bugs me. Philosophically, there’s “us” and “me”. We, the human race, are the only consciously aware beings we know. … Continue reading

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Wickeder than Crowley.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Thus spake Aleister Crowley: writer, ceremonial magician, and drug fiend. He revelled in his nicknames like “The Great Beast” and “the wickedest man in the world”. Piker. Every 21st … Continue reading

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Repetition, repetiton, repeti…hey wait, that doesn’t add up!

Just now saw Nooneofanyimport’s post on the education industry’s attempt to program children. To be charitable, most of the people trying to brainwash these kids were themselves programmed in their youth. Repetition is the brute force approach to lying, and … Continue reading

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Interrelated optimizations are a very bad idea.

I used to think optimization was a great idea. And it is, as long as you optimize single processes. But nested or contingent optimizations are extremely unwise. Go for robustness instead. What changed my mind? Vernor Vinge. He’s one of … Continue reading

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The difference between science and philosophy or faith.

If a phenomenon can be reproduced, it’s science. If not, it ain’t. The Big Bang Theory is not scientific, regardless of whether or not it’s true.  If a concept related to the BBT can be experimented with, it is scientific. The … Continue reading

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