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Dr. “No” explains the meaning of the word.

The only proper response to utopians is “No!”.  But that’s not to imply your message is for them.  They already hear “no” in everything but your humble, “as you command, master”. You’re fighting for people who haven’t contracted Militant Narcissism.  … Continue reading

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More on Utopian Zombies

Obviously I’m serious about the Left (along with half of “the Right”) being insane.  And zombies.  Crazy Zombies! Of course “insane zombie” is a bit oxymoronic, with your “Classic Zombie” being mindless and all.  Utopians certainly aren’t mindless.  They’re not even brain-damaged, … Continue reading

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Militant Narcissism

Marxism, Communism, National Socialism, fascism,  the United Nations, “environmentalism”.  And now, most recently, “fairness”. What do they all have in common?  The root cause.  Each is driven by the same  subconscious belief.  It is an idea–utopianism–in three parts.  The unholy trinity of  Militant Narcissism: You must … Continue reading

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