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Thank you.

Writing this blog is demanding. It’s not challenging, since anything I write will, presto chango!, magically appear.  But it is demanding. A small but growing community challenges all statements.  Which is what I want.  But you guys are sharp.    It feels like assuming a responsibility, … Continue reading

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About the lack of posting.

Have been up for 25 straight hours, to swing back to dayshift mode. Will sleep for 10-12 hours, then be on a normal person’s shift for five whole days. Not that this interests you, but as new readers trickle in … Continue reading

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Just woke up at 4 P.M…

…had ten comments pending from several new readers.  Apologies for the delay.

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Meta-post–Begging forgiveness when approval of comments is delayed.

Over the last five days, the W.O.R.M.’s had 10x more visitors than over the first 4 1/2 months combined.  Since I’d love for new folks to keep visiting, you should probably know that I’m a vampire.  Don’t worry, it’s only two weeks out … Continue reading

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Server problems.

Upload/download problems here at home.  Maybe I can get a few new posts in now.  Sorry for the lack of new stuff.

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Gotta spruce this place up.

I’ve been “socializing” a lot lately, which is W.O.R.M.-speak for reading other blogs and leaving comments.  Baby steps… Anyway, coming back here is like returning to a hovel after attending a bash at the Governor’s Mansion.  Other sites have multiple columns!  Followers!  Banners, … Continue reading

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Arrrgh. Stupid, stupid program.

WordPress has made a few bucks off me.  And more spending was planned, when my home A/V studio is set up.  But…you know my previous post?  This one? I just spend twenty minutes trying to get line spaces on that final jumble.  … Continue reading

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