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About changes to postings.

Wanted to state my policy about altering posts.  Actually, it’s not a policy so much as obsessive-compulsive editing.  I’ve edited out typos from months’ old posts.  Have done the same for clarity.  Have added thoughts to posts (that no one will likely read … Continue reading

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Help! Any WordPressers here?

I’m trying to get WordPress to stop emailing me notice for every single post and comment.  Hadn’t checked the yahoo email for a while, and there were 779 emails!  Only a couple of which weren’t self-generated. Thought I’d managed to … Continue reading

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Meta post–Behold these leet WordPress skillz!

abUWS had the suggestion of making a “resources” page with useful links and info. Great idea! Wait…I can make pages?! Next he’ll be saying that each entry could be categorized. But I need ideas as to what would be useful … Continue reading

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About your comments and the coming posts.

It’s 5:30 P.M. here, time for any comments I’ve missed.  I might respond with a post, though, if it’s something of interest to others. Just wanted to thank you all of you for coming.  The radiological posts will continue, and on slower news days (not today!) I’ll fold … Continue reading

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Dec. 12th–Blue Screen of Death Night.

Mixed blessings. Last night I got blue screened twice, the second just before putting up a lengthy post here. It sank with all words lost. I highly recommend you don’t ever get a Hewlett-Packard, or at least a Pavillion. That … Continue reading

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Checked messages. Had spam with names like PexExtizefife,…screw it! They’ve coded their crap so I can’t highlight it without the fraggin’ fargin’ frockin’ freckin’ links! Arrrrghh! Thank God I don’t have power over life and death. I would kill people. … Continue reading

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Christmas came early!

 There’s a tip jar here that was tossed in early and forgotten.  It’s never mentioned because this place isn’t about money, it’s about venting spleen.  But I would like to gradually move into A/V productions, a la the superlative Bill … Continue reading

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WordPress’s approval algorithm remains dark, mysterious, annoying.

SDH has posted here numerous times.  Apart from the initial comment approval, his posts have gone right up.  Yet just now I saw he had a comment pending approval.  Why, WordPress, why?  Do you flag the word Nazis, or is it Illinois? Anyway, … Continue reading

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The deluge begins.

I’ve been getting some spam here.  But even after Instapundit and kate linked, I never got more than six or eight a day. I just found 79 in the spam bin.  They were deleted en masse.  So if you ever make a comment … Continue reading

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For now your typos must go on.

Had a request for me to add a preview function to comments.  Haven’t found a way yet.

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