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Sorry for the lousy answer, Billy.

Been thinking about the previous post.  I answered Billy’s written question as best I could, but blew past the unwritten (and actual) one:  how do I reconcile Christian compassion with the knowledge that endless torment exists?  Torment that possibly includes … Continue reading

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My Lord!

They keep dragging Him into political arguments. And everybody (except YWT, Your Worm Truly) always leaves out the essential element that makes these arguments over socialism eternally stupid. May I drop a subtle clue to the omission, by way of asking a … Continue reading

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Thank God I am not as other men!

Ace puts up a very long post on the current Ann Coulter/Joseph Farah dustup.  Which you probably haven’t even noticed.  Farah castigates Ann because she agreed to speak to a politically conservative (but gay) group called GOProud. Ace says:  Here’s what I think of … Continue reading

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