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You know the story about riding the tiger?

The hard part about riding a tiger is sticking the dismount. So take an educated guess:  in the nuclear field, when are workers most likely to contaminate themselves? Answer:  when removing their contaminated protective clothing. Don’t forget that tidbit when seeing articles … Continue reading

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TEPCO’s truly tiny tritium terror.

(NOTE:  this post started out on Fukushima, then turned to tritium, then to radiological concerns at the WTC site after 9/11, then to using tritium for assassination, and finally how to survive tritium assassination yourself.  It’s actually a pretty informative essay, and quite useful if you need an … Continue reading

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Wheee, a brand-new radiological error!

So, Fringe, Season Four Episode Four.  Astrid… …mmm, Astrid…sorry, where was I?  Oh yeah.  Astrid investigated a Fringe event using a Ludlum GM probe. So naturally she waved it over a pile of magnetized metal and reported “two rad”.  (“rad”=radiation absorbed … Continue reading

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You’re in the (Atomic) Army now.

I entered the commerical nuke business in 1984 in my early twenties.  One older tech I learned from had also been a “meter swinger” as a twenty-something.  One of his first jobs?  Surveying Army guys after stuff like this: Were … Continue reading

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Nuclear knucklehead news.

Well, that’s unfair.  MG provided a link to the latest nuclear response in Japan.  I don’t see where any mistakes were made.  Even the reporting appears competent(!)  Old containers of radium paint are some of the hottest sources that unsuspecting folks can harbor. At … Continue reading

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Mushroom clouds.

In comments, rana has found another raver.  Let’s just say I don’t find his explanations conforming to Occam’s Razor.  But he mentions a mushroom cloud from one of the explosions and asks, …what could cause a mushroom cloud? Lots of … Continue reading

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Fukushima lady with more internal exposure than external? Uh-oh.

Noticed some hits from freerepublic, checked out the main link-provider, saw another link there to a Fukushima over-exposure. and one of them was exposed to a total of 17.55 millisieverts of radiation. The woman was found to have suffered more internal … Continue reading

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