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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.

Not dead, I think.

Haven’t been here in months.  Yet, renewing the site, I see folks still drop by on occasion.  This of course makes me feel guilty even though sharing my current thoughts and moods would be a much greater crime than ignoring the … Continue reading

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Or, I may vote for SMoD.

This election will be truly hilarious* if Hillary is indicted soon. Both establishments hate The Bern AND The Donald. So if they are the two candidates, there will be some sort of “Donkelephant Party” entry, like Paul Ryan. Sanders and … Continue reading

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Still working on my first to-be-completed novel.

Hey, I see a few folks still drop in to see if the cobwebs have been brushed away.  Not quite yet. I’m hoping to finish a rough draft of a novel within the next few weeks.  About 50,000 words have … Continue reading

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There is only one best analogy for the Donald Trump phenomenon. Sure, it’s not perfect. But if it was perfect it would be truth, not analogy.  The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is Caddyshack. Donald Trump is Al Czervik. Washington DC is … Continue reading

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“Fairness in Firearms Act”, version 2.0

All Americans should agree that gun control is a wonderful thing. The more control over your weaponry, the better. Of course that’s not what the Left seeks. They argue (publicly) for gun control. It’s obvious to any sane person that … Continue reading

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Working on “Fairness in Firearms” 2.0

Am taking the several dozen comments here and at Instapundit and revising the previous post.  Should be up early in the weekend.  Then…from our lips to Limbaugh’s ear?  I really feel like I don’t do enough to enrage all the … Continue reading

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The Fairness in Firearms Act.

(ADDED:  Thanks to the Perfessor, as always, for the link.  Note that if you comment, if it’s your first time I’ll have to approve it.  I will do so ASAP.  And thanks for the terrific comments already made.  I am not … Continue reading

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