Or, I may vote for SMoD.

This election will be truly hilarious* if Hillary is indicted soon. Both establishments hate The Bern AND The Donald. So if they are the two candidates, there will be some sort of “Donkelephant Party” entry, like Paul Ryan.

Sanders and Trump voters are passionate and will stay with them. Thus the bi-party “Anyone But Them!” candidate will likely win.
In this scenario Ted Cruz is the wild-card (yes, I know that combining “Ted Cruz” and “wild-card” seems oxymoronic. Thus some of the hilarity.)

A third-party candidate winning because half of each major party abandons them? Has anything like that ever happened before?
And don’t blame me: I’m voting for Bill and Opus.


*It’s only hilarious if you know it doesn’t matter who wins. The U.S. is balkanizing; it’s the inevitable twilight of multi-ethnic empires. I’m just hoping that you, my friends and family in all your glorious hues, avoid being trampled in the process.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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6 Responses to Or, I may vote for SMoD.

  1. Blake says:

    Hillary brings about SMOD sooner and a lot of people think we need to get it over with.

    Anyone who is even remotely rational knows Hillary belongs in jail waiting for trial, not running for president.

    That Hillary is a viable candidate for president tells all thinking people exactly how far gone we are as a country.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Vote Cthulhu.

  3. Dan says:

    Hillary is the demonrat candidate…..that was decided YEARS AGO. The Clinton cabal knows where all the bodies are buried and who has what skeletons where. The DNC dare not cross them
    or it will be chaos. Whether or not Trump will be allowed to run as the GOP pick is still up for debate. I suspect that the GOP will commit it’s final act of suicide by ham-fistedly rigging the convention to steal the nomination from him. The GOP big names would rather lose to Hillary than allow an outsider win the White House.

    In reality it’s all just smoke and mirrors….just a pretense. The dems have perfected vote stealing
    to the point now where Jesus Christ running for the GOP with Mother Theresa as the VP pick would lose to Charlie Manson if Manson was the dem candidate. Why? Because the computerized voting system has been totally corrupted, compromised, suborned and hacked by
    the dems. It’s not hard to buy, bribe, blackmail and coerce the people that make, program and maintain the systems to rig them any way the dem party wants. In 2012 Obama won MORE than 100% of the vote in quite a few big city precincts…..a statistical impossibility if the system was honest. But it’s not. The outcome of this election has been predetermined for several years.
    The dems no longer need to ‘raise the dead’ to get votes. They can simply turn GOP votes into
    dem votes electronically.

  4. Hi wormy. Hope you are doing well.

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