There is only one best analogy for the Donald Trump phenomenon. Sure, it’s not perfect. But if it was perfect it would be truth, not analogy.  The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is Caddyshack.

Donald Trump is Al Czervik.

Donald and Ivanka

Washington DC is the Bushwood Country Club. Jeb Bush et al. are a succession of Elihu Smails.

Jeb Bush et al.

Hillary is Mrs. “You Must’ve Been Something Before Electricity” Smails.


And Nov. 8th, 2016 may be…Caddy Appreciation Day.


I could keep on, but why not join the fun? Here’s the full cast list. There’s plenty more mix-‘n-matching to be done! Are Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson our Danny Noonan? Who’s the newly-atheist Bishop? Is it Bernie Sanders? If not, who is he?

And of course, above all…who is the Gopher? No, wait…who or what will be the Baby Ruth?

Obviously I wish to be Ty Webb (filthy rich + indoor golf + Lacey Underall). Yet socially, I’m much more Carl Spackler (mumble mumble). But, to be honest, I’m a lowly introverted caddy extra, with no speaking lines, who merely hopes to overrun Bushwood and turn it into a putt-putt course (Trump/Dangerfield, of course, wants to make condominiums).

Is the analogy clear? Country Club members and supporters are the Establishment, the media, academia, and Hollywood. The caddies and their allies are Donald’s Trumpsters.

Beat this analogy if you can.

Okay…maybe Donald is the Baby Ruth, everyone but Spackler is Establishment America, and Spackler is the “Make America Great Again Crowd”.  But I’m not comfortable with every implication this raises.  Let’s stick with Dangerfield.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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3 Responses to 2016: YEAR OF THE CADDY

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Hillary is clearly the RL version of Dolores Umbridge.

  2. Blake says:

    A cultural icon of a movie has been brought low by these comparisons. Have you no shame, sir?

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