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Synchronicity is weird.

I took a break from the book-writing and started to read the latest Tim Powers novel.  Mr. Powers, as noted before, is always worth reading.  But I almost immediately had to stop. My story’s heroine is a thirteen-year-old girl named … Continue reading

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Thank you. And a question.

Thank you guys who keep checking in despite each lengthy hiatus. The Doritos ad fell through because flu, or some other bug, swept over my Knoxville babes and prevented the filming. But. Writing that ad unlocked something in my head that … Continue reading

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Bonus Material for Begging Purposes

Bloopers, “bloopers”, Publicity Stills, “Behind the Scenes”, and Easter Eggs, oh my. All of you: “Do you hate us, Marlon?!”  Nope.  Just dreaming up anything that might help you gals break in to the Biz.  Then I ride your coattails. … Continue reading

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Annotated Snack Fu script.

INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY ANNA and BETH, two hot young things, are on the sofa playing a video game(1).  Each has a different bag of Doritos:  Anna has Nacho Cheese, Beth has Cool Ranch(2). Anna:  “Die! Beth:  “You die!” Something drops onto … Continue reading

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Saw this on YouTube.  Obviously, given my pen name, it had to be posted here as well:

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