Are 720 pictures worth 720,000 words?

For my long-time readers–all three of you–the past four posts have probably seemed…wierd…which is, weirdly weird.  The subtext–as you’ve all figured out if you’ve dropped by, as you’re the  most intelligent commenters in Internet history–is that “we” are planning to do a Doritos commercial.

It can only last 30 seconds.  And the standard “frame rate” is 24 fps (frames per second). Which means we have to tell our entire story–and we’re angling for an epic story–in 720 frames.  A grand total of 720 photographs, riffled in front of your face…that tells a tale.

Economy…it’s utterly vital to story, at least if you aspire to greatness.  Well…as I’m painfully learning…30-second ads are a bleeding edge when it comes to telling a good tale.

So, I’m working on a 720-frame script and have about 60 hours to complete it.  So why am I blogging about it instead of doing it?  This step back has been a great help, probably.  It’s been a realization.

Every frame is 1/24th of a second, and I’m going to write, or at least consider, each of the 720 pictures in this very important story.  Which is of course about ninja babes waging an epic war for the first taste of the latest Doritos flavor.

But you already knew that.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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