The Deal.

I see the Obama/Iranian mullahs deal went through.  Don’t know any details, and can’t sacrifice my hard-won zazen with any kind of de-ignorantization process.

So this time, I just hopped over to the Jerusalem Post.  Knowing no specifics of the deal, I assumed that the Post would not be happy.

The Post is not happy.

Its final form is roundly opposed in Israel— by the government, by its opposition, and by the public at large.

Not unexpected.  But this means Israel’s foes should all be happy.  Right?  Like the Saudis.

…the Saudi official…feared it would instead allow Iran “to wreak havoc in the region”.

“We have learned as Iran’s neighbors in the last 40 years that goodwill only led us to harvest sour grapes,” he said.

Er…apparently things are…complicated?  Meaning I’m losing interest.  Anyway, it’s not like the mullahs have the resources to-

The end of sanctions is worth hundreds of billions to Iran.

Whoa.  That ain’t chump change.

Y’know, if I had hundreds of billions of income pouring in, I think I’d become a thermonuclear power and amass a few hundred megatons of detonation capacity.  It’d be irresponsible not to.

A co-worker here at Argonne just had a hilarious idea:  Iran should use that new wealth to pay off Greece’s debt.  Just to mess with everyone’s head.  Funny as that would be, I think they’re going to build nuclear detonation devices as quickly as possible.

Because they love the Orion Drive so much.


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1 Response to The Deal.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Not only Israel. The Saudis are also “WTF?!” So we might be able to observe a Mini Cold War starting to brew in the area.

    Greece. Don’t make me start on Greece. We’re now north of 300 billion for them. The IMF is already crying again that this is too much debt and we should let go of some of it, something they’ve been crying about since the first package.

    And next year, we’ll be playing the whole game again. Greece will say “No!” and the EUSSR will give in because Merkel, that stupid hen, will whine that Greece mustn’t leave and then imperialist Obama will throw his worthless opinion into the mix as well, and he, too, doesn’t want Greece to leave (as if that is any of his business) and we’ll be breaching the 400 billion.

    This is all done without asking the people. There is no vote. It’s the Eurocrats and local career politicians who pull all this crap behind closed doors.

    The people want Greece out of the Eurozone. The career politicians want to keep Greece in the Eurozone.

    The EU is a de facto dictatorship at this point. The peasants have no say and the aristocracy does whatever it wants.

    Seriously, at this rate the only way to fix this will be by storming Brussels and all our parliaments, cut off a few heads and completely dismantle the EU.

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