Trying to get back into a posting groove?

In the amount of time I agonize about not writing or blogging, I could probably put up a couple of Instapundit-pithy posts.

(Too late for this one, obviously.)

So, I’m currently reading the Mistborn fantasy trilogy.  It’s exceptionally good.  I’m no fantasy fan the way I’m a SF and science geek, but what’s not to love about the really good stuff?

Mistborn is really good stuff.  The stories are good, the characters are believable and memorable.  And the two “magic” systems, Allomancy and Ferrochemy, are very well thought-out and consistent.  Nice.

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2 Responses to Trying to get back into a posting groove?

  1. thepi says:

    Mistborn 1.1 is fantastic, Mistborn 1.2 drags for me, and Mistborn 1.3 is pretty good. After that trilogy there is a second with a 3rd and 4th planned. Mistborn 2.1 is out and is amazing, books 2.2 and 2.3 are written and have release dates. Each trilogy is shifted in time so that with the second trilogy some 200-300 years later you get a new cast of characters, evolutions in the magic system, and technology leaps. The second trilogy is 1800s steampunky, Sanderson has said one of the later series will be sci fi far future with spaceships and the same basic magic system. It really is a fascinating concept.

    Also fascinating is that all these series take place in the same universe as several of his other series, he calls it the Cosmere. So far in this universe we also have Warbreaker, Elantris, and his magnum opus of the Cosmere, The Way of Kings/Words of Radiance (books 1 and 2 of the series). All of these books have very consistent magic systems and fantastic characters, the well thought out magic systems being Sanderson’s hallmark. So far the Cosmere super-series has only been lurking in the background with small subtle hints in most of the books, but will eventually come out to the forefront in later series. Luckily for us, Sanderson is actually a book writing cyborg who releases 2+ books a year (The Way of Kings series books count as 2 because they are twice the size written from 3+ perspectives) so he might actually finish this hugely ambitious project. I just wish he’d stop wasting time with the unrelated young adult garbage (I read Steelheart, it was very bad).

    Currently the Cosmere books (primarily Mistborn 2 and The Way of Kings series) rank up there with Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (if I remember right you already know about this one) and Pat Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles (somewhere between LoTR and Harry Potter as far as story style) as my top 3 fantasy series that I would kill for the next book. On the sci fi side they are matched by John Ringo’s Troy Rising series (first book is named Live Free or Die to give you an idea of how it rolls) and H. Paul Honsinger’s Man of War series (first book is To Honor They Call Us and it’s a Horatio Hornblower in space type book, excellent excellent world[galaxy?]).

    Any other series you are reading/have read recently/would kill for the next book?

    • thepi says:

      I forgot to mention, Jim Butcher is releasing the first book (The Aeronaut’s Windlass) in a new series (The Cinder Spires) in about 3 months (Sept. 29). It sounds pretty good and it’s by a proven badass of an author.

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