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Strangely calming.

Cloud chambers have come a long way since 1911.  A co-worker was viewing this.  The action starts around the 1:40 mark.

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The Deal.

I see the Obama/Iranian mullahs deal went through.  Don’t know any details, and can’t sacrifice my hard-won zazen with any kind of de-ignorantization process. So this time, I just hopped over to the Jerusalem Post.  Knowing no specifics of the … Continue reading

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Worked on that G.K. Chesterton essay, only to switch it to a back-burner.   But his observations remain jaw-droppingly prescient and very worth your while.  We’ll return someday, hopefully. Meanwhile I am hoping…praying…to resume writing, and more seriously than ever before.   There … Continue reading

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What’s Wronger With the World

G.K. Chesterton’s What’s Wrong With the World (pub. 1910) is epic, astounding, and hardly ever wrong. This morning I started Part III: Feminism, or, The Mistake about Woman. Chesterton does the ol’ “compare and contrast” with regards to Female Suffrage: … Continue reading

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As a Christian, I’m under strict orders to always be charitable.  That command is the single toughest one…just like all the others*. But today I’m ready.  I’m set.  Imma love everybody!                                       ME:  Hit me with your best shot, LORD! … Continue reading

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Not quite back in a groove.

Wdydfae had a comment held up for the past three days, because I’m still not back in the habit of checking the blog.  Apologies. And I’m about to post an actual…er, essay?  Let’s be generous and call it an essay.  … Continue reading

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How many senses can human beings possess? I’m up to nine point five (and counting).

It is generally agreed that there are five human senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. This number is grossly inadequate to explain the sensorium,  but remains generally accepted because…generally…people are credulous sheep. About three years ago I described personally witnessing a … Continue reading

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Trying to get back into a posting groove?

In the amount of time I agonize about not writing or blogging, I could probably put up a couple of Instapundit-pithy posts. (Too late for this one, obviously.) So, I’m currently reading the Mistborn fantasy trilogy.  It’s exceptionally good.  I’m no fantasy fan … Continue reading

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