Clicking my ruby shoes together to return to Kansas.


Haven’t been blogging because there’s nothing much to say.  The “West” is doomed.  Fragments of it should survive, and I certainly hope to end up in one of those fragments.  But the hope I had after the rise of the Tea Parties has been entirely extinguished.

Anyway, am leaving tomorrow for an outage job at Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station.  Hopefully about nine weeks.  We (me, brother, sister-in-law) are sharing a rental trailer which probably won’t have wi-fi.  I don’t know the plant policy on accessing the internet from work, and we’ll probably be too busy to do it much anyway.  We’ll be working 4 12-hour days, then one day off.

So, in addition to not having the will to blog much, I may not have the way for a while.  Any of you die-hards are welcome to blog here to your heart’s content.  If you don’t currently have the means, leave a comment and hopefully I’ll see it shortly.

I do feel as if I’ve let you all down.  At the height of my blogging, I felt a closer kinship to many commenters than I ever did to most people I know.  But it seems clear to me that sharing my recent thoughts would not be a blessing to anyone.

Gotta go.  Hopefully most of my analyses are wrong, but…honestly, I can’t remember when that’s ever been true.  God bless you all.

And here’s a pic I just saw a few minutes ago.  It’s pretty darn accurate.


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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13 Responses to Clicking my ruby shoes together to return to Kansas.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’ll be holding down the fort. Or repaint the fort.

    But yeah, I agree. I’m generally in a “told you so” mood.

    Like, after Charlie Hebdo my only thought was “Well, we’ve been telling you all for years that these people and their “culture” aren’t compatible with our societies. We’ve warned you, but only called us nazis and racists. Will you learn from this? Nope, you won’t.

    Or after the attack in Australia, when that story broke of the mohammedan woman who took of her head scarf in the subway and that woman, who told the story, walked with her? It went viral on twitter. I called BS. Few weeks later we learned that the story was complete fabrication.

    It’s not that they don’t see. It’s that they don’t want to see. These people are absolutely immune against the truth. But you know, if they don’t want a vaccination, then I say: let them die.

    Oh yeah, we had some “anti-fascist” riots again last night. The usual dance over the so called “Akademikerball”, which is allegedly full of Nazis, anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers (and has never been proven.) The protestors outside were protesting against fascism, against Nazis in our parliament (didn’t know there were any) and for tolerance.

    I know, nothing says tolerance better than burning cars, broken shop windows, injured cops and banners saying “You can have our hatred”.

    So the solution is really:

    1) make big flag
    2) write “Told you so” on it
    3) get ammo
    4) get more ammo
    5) get good wine
    6) get good cigars

    And then watch the world burn.

  2. Midwest Rhino says:

    Even Republican “leaders” come out and demonize the tea party, after the tea party hands them the majority. The MFM and Hollyweird have such control over society, that most elected people cower for fear of being tarred and feathered with the racist label, or climate denier label, etc.

    And besides their control of networks, there is all the corrupt money and the layers of lawyers and lobbyists that hide the schemes. They don’t have to fool everyone, just enough idiots to keep the charade alive, and more than ever after Obama, the corrupt have billions to buy propaganda.

    But a “breaking point” has seemed inevitable for a long time. The problem is, our fascist like government is preparing itself by enriching the bad guys, importing half of Central America, and getting everyone on the dole so when the stuff hits the fan, government will start taking control in heavy handed fashion, and confiscation may be on the table (and we won’t be at that table). They might have so many on the dole, that people will demand more fascism … some people.

    But who knows what will really happen when the money runs out on funding all these things, or the economy tanks from all the government overreach. Maybe Queen Hillary hits her big red reset button, to reset America to communism, and it shorts out like it did with Russia. There might be enough traditional Americans left to reverse course and cancel most of the $100 Trillion of unfunded “obligations”.

    Those that have developed their few acres and can make their own beer and wine will be better off. But the DC control freaks would prefer we all be drones to serve their perverted passions. Time will tell what happens … guess we just need to play it out. And count it all joy, like an exciting battle. Tea party groups brought together some people on local levels, and that is still a powerful force. Slaying the DC beast will take more time.

    I spent about 16 months in Emporia, KS decades back, not far from your job. Nice you have a short gig to save up a little for your new property. Your homesteading is the cool thing to read about .. we have plenty of sources for bad news on our political betters selling us down the river, while they should be sent up the river. But any unique view from you on the political firework shows is always interesting.

    • Edohiguma says:

      You have Queen Hillary, we have Queen Angela, who really likes to spend other people’s money. Well, not just other people’s, but also other peoples’.

      Now she wants to give Greece another 20 billion, even though the new government will fight tooth and nail to not pay anything back and in the end the EUSSR will say “It’s okay, you don’t have to repay anything.” And she wants the EU to have more control over the finances of the member states.

      What Adolf failed to do with an army, Angela Merkel, the grave digger of Europe, will achieve with the EUSSR.

  3. wormme says:

    I don’t even seem to care about 1) and 2) anymore. After this Kansas job, though, I plan to practice 3) – 6),k plus several more on my newly purchased “ancestral land”.

    All the best.

    • Edohiguma says:

      Indeed. But see, if we were on the Titanic, I’d be the one who’d say “See? I told you we don’t have enough lifeboats.” I like to rub it in, what shall I say.

  4. Blake says:

    It’s only by the Grace of God the United States still exists, well, in name, anyway. Effectively, though, the US is dead, due to the fact we no longer have the rule of law, but, instead, have effectively instituted the “Rule of Men.” We’re actually in a place where a vindictive petty bureaucrat can cause untold misery for anyone.

    The best case scenario results in officials hanging from lamposts while the rest learn their lesson and shut up. However, I do believe Civil War 2.0 in inevitable with all the attendant misery that comes with war.

    So, still think you’re depressing, wormme? hahahahahaha

  5. wdydfae says:

    You didn’t let anyone down, Worme. Blogging is a pain in the *ss, and almost everyone here probably knows that.

    You had a good run and did good service, especially through the Fukushima crisis.

    You can let Edo take over and I’ll just have to get used to saying, “Don’t hit me, Edo! Don’t hit me!”

  6. Edohiguma says:

    Totally agree.

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