I dare call it.

Last night the President of the United States took the law into his own hands.  Previously he has said that the President has no authority to supersede Congress.  This is true.  He then proceeded to supersede Congress.

Thus Barack Obama has, beyond any doubt, betrayed his oath of office to faithfully uphold the law.  We even have a technical term for that:  traitor.

He has not betrayed America “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  He is a traitor beyond any and all doubt.  His act of treason is proved by his own words.  And the harm from his treachery will exceed any other betrayal of the U.S.  So if anyone has ever deserved to be executed for treason–and they have–Barack Hussein Obama does as well.

He will not, of course, be charged, convicted, and executed for his Capital crime.  His worshippers and allies celebrate his treason.  And his political foes?  They mutter and growl.   The boldest of them are even bringing out the I-word.  Impeach him?  Gasp!  Do we dare go so far?

There are three hundred million Americans and only one of us seems to have the proper perspective.  So, once again:

The President of the United States has…by his own admission…betrayed his oath of office and seized imperial power.

There’s your perspective.

Oh wait, there is something else to add:  he’s also laughing at all of us and daring you to do something about it.  Isn’t that great?  America’s first Caesar is Gloatius Maximus.

In the constitutional republic that used to be the United States of America, there could only have been one response to a would-be Imperator:  immediate arrest for treason, an immediate trial proving treason, and then immediate execution.

For treason.

So am I publicly calling for his death?  Don’t be ridiculous.  I’m just saying that if our only two choices were to let Barack get away with this or execute him for treason, I’d throw the switch myself.

And please don’t pretend that I’m a threat to the President’s life and should be reported to the Secret Service.  Barack is in absolutely no danger from me.  I’m not taking the law into my own hands (though I’ve never sworn an oath to uphold it).  Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, I believe in the rule of law.  And of course I’m also not a traitor.

Unlike Barack Hussein Obama.

P.S.–I should also note that I am a Christian.  Thus, I would stay Barack’s execution long enough to let him ponder his ludicrous claim of Christianity.  While it is theoretically possible, I’ve never seen nor heard of anything indicating that he’s ever tried to emulate Christ.

In fact, his self-admitted treason?  Gleefully doing something he knows is wrong?  There’s a familiar ring to it.

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

As an executioner, I would give Barack–or anyone else–one chance to avoid that fate.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to I dare call it.

  1. Midwest Rhino says:

    It seems clear that his mentor Rev. Wright set the Obama Doctrine:

    God Damn America … by which he means damn traditional God Bless America, land of the free.

    His wife was never proud of America, his attorney general choice says America is not a nation where blacks can get ahead, it is a racist nation. Odd that these black men claim that, when the Obamas seem to achieve only because they are (at least half) black. And when Condi Rice or Justice Thomas achieve as conservatives, they are chastised as “Uncle Toms” with the most racist of terms.

    Obama would bring in 50 million new third worlders, to swing elections of course. Hopefully “we” stop this high treason.

  2. Edohiguma says:

    I really love the term “undocumented immigrant”. It sounds so sweet. Oh, he just doesn’t have any documents, but that’s okay, nobody needs travel documents anyway, right?

    It’s like calling drug dealers “unlicensed pharmacists”. Won’t be long and that term will also pop up in official government speech.

    Fact is: They are illegal immigrants. They are breaking the law.

    This is typical libtard “thinking”: Legalize something and all problems will magically go away. In reality, of course, such an approach cannot work.

    But this kind of nonsense is everywhere now. Over here there are people who demand a right to stay for everyone who steps onto our soil. Our sovereignty is already massively eroded thanks to the Schengen Treaty, which has done absolutely nothing for “free travel” (I still need a passport when I go even just to Germany, just nobody checks it on the border when going by car or train, I still have to wait in line at airports, I just get my own line that says “EU citizens”, yay) and everything for our rising crime rates. Since nobody controls anything at the borders anymore, criminals, especially from Eastern Europe, have an all you can eat buffet. Not a day passes without burglaries, home intrusions, muggings, assaults, robberies, etc.

    Of course, some people then like to scream “that’s racist!” Well, over 40% of our inmates in prison are foreigners, but only 10% of our population are the same.

    This import of people has been done in the EU for quite some time. This uncontrolled import is the reason for the Banlieue in Paris burning, for the somewhat recent riots in Sweden and for the Second Blitz in London.

    Even in Japan have I heard some fools talk like this. When the government changed the “gaijin registration”, some fringe lunatics were concerned about illegal immigrants in Japan and how they, with the new system, would not be able to get the same services as the people who bother to follow the law and be legal residents. The illegals are already breaking the law, dimwits!

    On my beat we have a street that is known as “Balkan Street”. It’s not its real name, mind you, but that’s what we call it. It’s a result of uncontrolled import of unskilled people. The number of people who speaks halfway decent German there is very, very small, let’s just put it that way.

  3. Blake says:

    As someone somewhere once put it: “Just because someone breaks into your house and eats at your table, it doesn’t mean they are now part of the family.”

    The President has been pushing the limits of his power since day one and no one has dared rein him in.

    Obama should have been impeached a long time ago. The executive does not have the power to rewrite law, such as the ACA or, more unpopularly known as, Obamacare.

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