Polish “intelligence”: Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain.

Polack Jokes fell out of style, at least in the Bible Belt, about the time I hit puberty.  That’s also about when global cooling paused for a quarter century.  Back then mindless Chicken Littles’ screamed, “Winter is coming!” not, “Polar bears are melting, mellllllting! ”

Anyway,  where was I?  Oh yeah.  Polack Jokes.  “Polacks are stupid, heh heh.”  These were of course told by people who were themselves dumber than a Styrofoam gas tank.

Never liked Polack Jokes myself.  Nor these, for that matter.  But I’ll not pass final judgment on this style of humor until we finally reach the Stupid Dead Progressive phase.

Heh heh.  Those jokes practically write themselves!

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Polacks are dumb.  Why on Earth are they so worried about Putin and the Ruskies?  Even if Putin did try something–and why would he, that big ol’ Siberian teddy bear?–Europe has Poland’s back.  Dumb Polacks.

 …the joint Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 brought none of the Allied help that Poland was obligated to receive under treaty. Although both Britain and France were supposed to come to Poland’s direct military aid, they were content to declare war on Germany and essentially do nothing, letting Hitler and Stalin dismember Poland completely … and every Pole today knows it.

Er…but hey, things are different now!  There’s no need to fear, America is here!

Obama in 2009 cancelled a US/NATO missile defense system in the country, a move termed a “betrayal” by Poland’s president. Making the announcement on September 17, the seventieth anniversary of Stalin’s invasion, added insult to injury.

Oh dear lord seriously?!  Did Obama think Poland wouldn’t notice him grinding salt in that wound?  His administration has proven to be so clueless, many times, but…no.  Not this time.  Of course it was intended as an insult.  IDF Special Forces veterans are “chickenshit”, Winnie is unworthy of respect…and stupid Polacks expect courtesy, much less support.

Smart diplomacy, everyone!

Barack Hussein Obama, you are the world’s biggest shickenchit. 

(Shickenchit is my coined phrase, all rights reserved.)

Ostriches are known for hiding their heads in the sand.  Shickenchits hide by sticking their heads up their own asses.  Or, in the case of sycophants, up Obama’s ass.  And considering his millions of brown-nosers, there’s gotta be a space-time singularity all up in there.

(Gee, I can’t remember the popular name for a space-time singularity.  Ah well.  Probably for the best.)

Anyway, back to “Polish intelligence”.

When I asked if he thought America would come to Poland’s aid in a crisis, he said laconically, “I’d flip a coin.”

In a similar vein, a senior Polish intelligence official, another veteran of long collaboration with Washington, DC, expressed his skepticism to me.

“Is it 1939 again? I don’t know,” he explained, “but I think Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain,”

Neville Chamberlain sold out Poland, just as Obama is doing.  On the other hand, he did it without adding insult to injury.  He also was capable of admitting error:

Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have hoped for, everything that I have believed in during my public life has crashed into ruins. There is only one thing left for me to do: that is devote what strength and power I have to forwarding the victory of the cause for which we have sacrificed so much.

Neville also spent 17 successful years in the private sector, paying taxes.  And he resigned his premiership for the good of his nation.  There is a gargantuan ocean of difference between the man that Chamberlain was, and the thumb-sucking spoiled whiny shickenchit bitch that is Barack Obama.

And notice that “Polish intelligence” only thinks that Obama isn’t a Chamberlain. He isn’t even sure.  Being a stupid Polack.

Stupid polite, diplomatic, courageous Polacks.  They’re the ones who are really not Obamas.

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3 Responses to Polish “intelligence”: Obama isn’t even a Chamberlain.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    In all fairness, I doubt Obama or any of his minions has any clue Stalin ever invaded Poland in the first place. Plus, the Polish reaction is a bit silly as well. I mean, by the time Stalin came they were already losing to Hitler.

    Also, in regards to Chamberlain, he sold out Czechoslovakia for an insane hope to have peace, while Hitler really,really, re-he-he-he-healy wanted a war. Chamberlains naivety is something unique in history. I can’t think of anyone on that level.

    And well, let’s face it, why would Putin want Poland? I mean, honestly, there are plenty of people here who say that, if Putin really wants it, he can have the whole Eastern block back. Brussels can say whatever it wants, the politicians, like the lying *censored* Merkel, they keep lying and mongering for war, the media, especially in Germany and Austria is on a 1914 level, but the people really don’t like the Blitzkrieg-style eastern expansion of the EUSSR. The people here are more positive towards Putin than towards their own so called leaders.

    • wormme says:

      Well, if you pledged to have my back if anyone should try to kick my ass, then stood around whistling when someone actually did kick my ass, I’d be a little pissed no matter how good your lawyers are.

      Or, do you mean the “Polish reaction” to Obama backstabbing them on the date of Stalin’s invasion? It seems like a typical “salt in the wound” reaction to me. Obama’s ignorance, or lack thereof, is immaterial from the point of view of the saltee.

      Lastly, I’d have agreed about Chamberlain’s uniqueness just ten or fifteen years ago. But it seems to 21st Century Me that most folks flapping their gums these days–and 9/10’s of American media, academia, politicians, and “activists”–are as naïve, or willfully ignorant, or just plain stupid as Chamberlain.

      Hell, now that I think about it, more. Didn’t Hitler’s regime at least make pretty little cooing noises at Neville while they were teeing up the blitzkrieg? Since when do the Jihadists do that? They lop off heads while you and I get lectured for Islamophobia by millions of little Chamberlames.

      • Edohiguma says:

        I’m still convinced Chamberlain was unique. If you take today’s “liberals” and “progressives”, they’re not stumbling around like Neville. They know exactly what they want and how to get it. They’re doing it on purpose.

        Hitler played Chamberlain not really as brilliant as people believe. During the Sudeten Crisis and the following Czechoslovakian “Issue”, Hitler wanted war. He was hoping for the Brits and French to throw his idea back in his face. But when they bent over and gave him Czechoslovakia Hitler was furious. He once said that he rather wanted the war at the age of 50 than at 55.

        And yes, I mean the date. I doubt Obama or any of his minions have any clue about that. I mean, they have no clue about American history, why would they know anything about a country they likely can’t even find on the map?

        Though, the missile program… What’s Poland so afraid of? Russia is no threat to them. The EU is. The Poles will learn that the hard way, just like everybody else. They moved from the USSR to the EUSSR.

        The whole thing with Russia is crazy at this point. It’s open warmongering by western media. It also shows the massive double standards.

        Kosovo declares independence, the US and EU celebrate and support it.
        South Ossetia declares independence, oh noes, the evil Putin!
        Eastern Ukraine declares independence, oh noes, the evil Putin!

        Apparently the right of self determination of a people applies to everyone, except Russians.

        And the Ukraine? What exactly have they achieved since they split from the USSR? A revolution every 10 years. Wow. Why exactly do we need them in the EU?

        Oh, they’re already blackmailing us. If we don’t pay their gas bill to Russia, they’ll just cut off our gas. Of course, we will pay for them, because that’s how the EUSSR rolls.

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