Awesome women are awesome. Feminists are…something else.

(NOTE–I don’t know why the vids currently aren’t loading.  I’m doing the same thing I always have.  Working on it.)

A simply great #GamerGate video:


Though I really wish smart, moral women like Ms. Sommers would quit calling themselves “feminists”.  21st Century Feminism is so horrifically anti-human that we should be able to dismiss it outright without having to waste time noting that abberant* pearls bob in the raw sewage.

Also, via aceofspades, a more typical Feminist’s dream.  Obviously I’m not going to fisk it, as that would require a textbook-length response.  But do let me exercise some male tyranny on the poor soul:

Before we do anything, the very first measure to adopt-

Sweetie, since adopting a measure is actually something, you can’t do it before doing anything.  You should have said “before we do anything else“, to avoid self-contradiction.

Bless your little heart.

Also, don’t forget that “the very first measure we should adopt” is actually the third one that your vision requires.

Step One: adopt a plan to overthrow all men in the Gender War.

Step Two: win the war.

That’s…kind of a necessity, actually.  I’m pretty sure that the lack of a Y-chromosome doesn’t make one better at waging war.  So you’ll need to do a lot better than us mentally-challenged males at planning your holy war.  How’s that going?

If we managed to overcome men’s tyranny over us,


Y’know, I think some Dead White Tyrannical Males have already addressed this problem.  It’s known as “Who Will Bell the Cat?

The Feminist war council.

The Feminist war council.

Good luck with that.  Because I really do want to see you gals try.  It will be glorious!


(Video also found via aceofspades.  The morons are on a roll!)

*”Abberant” is how the aberrant spell aberrant.  

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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13 Responses to Awesome women are awesome. Feminists are…something else.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Wow. That Witchwind is a handful of very special crazy. Reading the comments, it seems that her readers come from the same asylum.

    As for “gamer gate”… I don’t care. Haven’t paid much attention to it. I see it as irrelevant. It just proves again that “gamers” are over-entitled, spoiled little children. “OMG! Some gaming journalist who was sleeping with some game dev lied about whatever!”

    Yeah, uh… that’s what the MSM do every day and all those who cry about “gamer gate” gobble down the MSM crap sandwich every day and say “Thank you”.

    “Gamer gate” is completely irrelevant. I would go so far and say now, that we have MSM outlets picking up the “story”, it’s clearly only one thing: another distraction from real issues.

  2. wormme says:

    I sort of felt that way at first. But my interest piqued because this situation is different. The Left did their thing against the gamers–lying, demonizing, attacking attacking attacking. But gamers did what no one else does, including the Republican Party and most so-called Christian communities–they fought back. This would have blown over quickly if the leftists hadn’t shown their true colors to a vast community that, until now, hadn’t been paying attention.

    So this is one of the rare occasions when you’re not entirely correct, edo. The heart of this IS the real issue–that “progressives” dehumanize anyone who defies them in the slightest. And now they keep doubling down against the gamers because they can’t STAND being hit back.

    I find it delicious.

    • Edohiguma says:

      Yeah, you’re right. And I admit, I haven’t really paid attention to it, because over here it doesn’t exist and, to be honest, because I find the initial reason just laughable.

      I mean, really, some video game “journalist” was sleeping with the dev of a game I’ve never heard of and which, by the reactions I did see, a lot of other people never heard of before either.

      And then the usual happened. The internet hyperbole triumphed once again and now both sides are slugging all kinds of mud at each other, because apparently “journalism” in video games is THE big issue.

      And then the name for it. Gamergate. It’s not even remotely as big or important as Watergate (see internet hyperbole) and I wonder how many of the crybabies on both sides have completely dismissed Climategate. Then again, some “gamers” once told me that the new SimCity ruined their childhoods so I’m not really expecting much from them in the first place. Yeah…. And people wonder when I say “I hate people”.

      Meanwhile most of our countries lack proper containment facilities for ebola patients (it seems Japan is one of the few countries that has one of those.) Obama is campaigning in a local race for a fellow Duh-mocrat. The EU is going to pay Ukraine’s gas debt to Russia. The MSM here are busy screaming about a hooligan protest against salafists and politicians are discussing openly to cut down on the freedom of assembly because of this protest in Germany (they never do that when the protestors are pseudo-leftists and actually riot, which the hools did not do.)

      Ok, I admit, I’m pretty negative towards “gamers” these days, because I’m tired of the pretend nerding and try hard geeking in this non-existent social group.

      Let me explain.

      The whole “nerd” and “geek” thing is already pretty irritating. I have occasionally referred to it as a form of American cultural imperialism spread by American entertainment and I don’t think I’m off with that. You see, the terms “nerd” and “geek” don’t even exist in some languages. There are only some very recent translations for them in German and none of them is even remotely positive. The Japanese “otaku” was presented to be, more or less, the American nerd or geek: tech obsessed, anime obsessed, supposed fringe forms of entertainment. Though, the stereotypical “otaku” no longer exists. The otaku subculture has spawned many other subcultures. For example, the girl army AKB48 was originally set up with Akihabara (the part of Tokyo known for being the otaku Mecca) in mind, but a few years in they are absolutely mainstream with easily 50% of their fans being women. And going by what studies on the topic show, it seems that the largest growing “otaku” subgroup, which also fields a huge amount of buying power and cash, is the so called “sorami-chan”. Those are female plane watchers. Aircraft or train enthusiasts aren’t anything new, but single women with lots of disposable income have invaded the area and are on the road to dominating it.

      Now back to Germany and Austria…

      The reason for this is that the social hierarchies in German or Austrian schools used to be (and probably still are) different. When I was in school from the 1980s onward into 1994 the “jocks” were good in school. By US standards I was a “nerd”. I was the one reading sci-fi, etc, BUT! I also played ice hockey and competed in equestrian.

      The same held true with video games. You may remember those small, handheld games in the 80s and early 90s, before the first gameboy hit the market. The boys played them. The girls played them. It was entertainment that the youth as a whole consumed. There was no “I’m a gamer” getting tossed around as some kind of badge of honor.

      My cousins, as a great example, both girls who also played with Barbie, had a C64.

      That was then. Today it’s even more mainstream with games being everywhere on a multitude of devices.

      I guess by the definition of “gamer” I might be considered one, because I spend that many hours in video games per week and that is because my social life in Austria is very minimal. It consists of work, spending time at the range with my babies (I bought an AR recently) or getting invited to festivities with the Persian family I’ve known for 20 years (absolutely love those guys.) But I’m only really social when I’m out of here. I don’t even go to the cinema when I’m here, it’s boring alone and movies are dubbed anyway (which sucks.) My best friends from when I came to Vienna 20 years ago have all buggered off to other continents and I can’t blame them.

      I guess my work gives me enough social interaction so I don’t really crave for more and just want to be left in peace. Of course, when in Japan or Hong Kong I’m a social butterfly, cause all the people who are really important to me are there.

      But yeah, that’s why I have an issue with the term “gamer” itself. It’s the hype. I hate hype.

      Oh look at me, I’m playing video games, I’m such a gaming nerd! No. No no no no no. Consuming mass produced mainstream entertainment is not nerdy or geeky, it’s consuming entertainment.

      I’m such a geek because I watch Doctor Who! No. Doctor Who has been mainstream family entertainment in the UK since the 1960s. Just like Star Trek in the US.

      I play tabletop games! I’m so geeky! No. Today’s most popular tabletop games go back into the early 1900s. They are THAT old. Tabletop wargaming? So nerdy! No. Modern tabletop wargaming has its roots in the early 1800s in the Prussian army where this was invented to train staff officers.

      I read books, have over 500 in my flat, does that make me a “reader”? That would be silly. I watch movies and TV shows, does that make me a “watcher”? Well, yes, but as a special tag of honor? No.

      It’s all mainstream entertainment but apparently people have the need to make themselves feel like special snowflakes.

      That being said, I know two real “nerds”. Professor Sepp Linhart and Bernhard Seidl, MA. Linhart is an internationally acclaimed expert for italic writing in Edo period wood prints. He’s such an expert that he’s been teaching in Japan on this. There are maybe a couple of dozen people on the planet who can do that properly. Seidl is a specialist for Japanese languages (or dialects if you prefer that) and has been doing research on the Ainu language. It doesn’t get more “geeky” than that, yet I know none of them would refer to themselves as “geek” or “nerd”.

      I hate hype. I hate people who hype. I hate people. Well, most of them, but look at them. They’re obnoxious, loud and irritating.

      But yes, it’s quite delicious that the pseudo-left and their pretend-feminists get a taste of their own medicine, though, I doubt it’ll change anything.

  3. wormme says:

    This is an epic essay, edo, worthy of sharing and study. It has my brain suddenly boiling and it’s 4 in the morning, dang you!. But…if I can put my suddenly engaged 2cents in…our hangups occur around the labels. I think I just had an epiphany about labeling.

    When people label others improperly it’s prejudice, right? And everybody knows to hate–or at least to pretend to hate-that. So what about false flags? It’s hated because the traitor claims to speak for others, some of whom won’t be down with the deceit.

    So what about individuals who self-label?

    Again, I agree with you on the esthetics, as soon as I heard the term “GamerGate” I shuddered…but what to think about all these sole “false flaggers” who then band together? Not just in this relatively minor instance. Is it a concept worth expanding and considering as a human trope? I think so. BUT, it’s 4:15 and I’m petering out. It’s late (early).

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t catch all the nuances of your post. I do feel it was important.

  4. wdydfae says:

    OK, side note. I think the “takeover” stage of that ideologue’s dystopian/utopian fantasy is actually the most plausible part of the scenario. I don’t think it would be like belling the cat at all. The dystopians would, of course, use male force to enforce force on males.

    That’s only a contradiction if you’re an ultra-rationalist. Like Worme!

    Women use male force against males all the time. And it predates feminism, by a lot. I’m pretty sure it’s older than the world’s oldest profession.

    Resistance is futile. You will be dissimulated.

    The impossible part of her scenario is thinking some Utopian outcome is going to result rather than some miserable wretched horror such as all utopian revolutions engender. It would be hypothetically satisfying to watch that part fall apart, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be funny in real life.

    • wormme says:

      You too are right on points, wdydfae. But I don’t think females plus feminized males have any more chance against men and women than mice do against cats.

      • wdydfae says:

        Well, I think it’s still missing the point. The male enforcers for any fanatical ideology will not be feminized males, of course. If only. And (also of course) it would not matter if the ideology in question is supposed to be against “maleness.”

        • Edohiguma says:

          Of course they’re not feminized. No enforcer ever is. In order to enforce something, you need to be able to execute force, or at least appear to be.

          A barely 5″ scrawny pseudo-feminist, pretend-leftist skank won’t do. I had an encounter with one of those last year, tried to shove me last year. Physics didn’t quite obey her ideology.

          • wdydfae says:

            Well, yeah, but, that’s just the point.

            I don’t want to belabor it, but the scrawny skank doesn’t enforce in this case. If she could, she would get some brawny enforcers to do it for her.

            Maybe a biblical example will get this across, since I have so far failed. So, Salome says, “Give me the head of John the Baptist.”

            Does John the Baptist, a toughened desert ascetic, say, “Oh, yeah. Sure. Bring it on, baby. I’d like to see some pampered, preening palace princess cut my head off. This is going to be good.”

            No. For one thing, John the Baptist isn’t about bravado. He’s focussed on other stuff. For another, even if he was about bravado, it would not help him. Salome doesn’t personally cut off the head of John the Baptist. She gets Herod to get some big, brawny executioners to do it for her (or in this case, for her mom, through her).

          • Edohiguma says:

            Well, in her defense, she was the princess… Just like Queen Lizzy the First was queen of England and the rest. And Catherine the Great was tzar.

            Once they have power women will be just like the men, because humans will be humans.

            But if today’s pseudo-feminists get power things quickly get a lot worse.

          • wdydfae says:

            Other great examples. I can’t find anything I disagree with there. Including the meme-worthy term “psuedo-feminist.”

          • Edohiguma says:

            The Suffragettes were brave women, who risked a lot, at times even their lives.

            Then, in the late 60s and early 70s feminism was slowly eroded by blind ideology. And today, those early feminists from those days are in high positions of power, so of course they will abuse those positions and push their utterly crazy ideology.

            I mean, in some German colleges, in the pseudo-academic field of “gender studies” (the biggest pseudo-science of the 21st century) they actually “teach” that there are no differences between women and men, not even biologically.

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