So, about 30 months ago I kickstarted a game for $28…

…and it’s not enough for me to get a copy of the game when it comes out.


I’m not mad, understand. Not even disappointed, really, more confused.  But I have to pay $2 more to even receive Torment: Tides of Numenera. Which, again, I was one of 85,000 to crowdsource.

Wierd. (“Wierd” is how the weird spell weird.)

Is this indignity really necessary to the game’s success? Two times eighty-five thousand is…hang on, I’ll get it…

Eighty-five thousand plus eighty-five thousand! (“Anything multiplied, I can add better, I can add better much better than you!”)

But seriously, this was as stupid as 21st Century politics.  Had they not done this, I would have gladly shelled out the requested $27 more dollars to get some bonuses including beta tester.  I’ve never been a beta tester before.  Well, except for my own recipes of course.

Sigh. People.  Can’t kill them, can’t…hey, wait!  You can totally kill them!  THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

OTOH, I regret nothing. Planescape: Torment remains one of the greatest PC games ever.  And it’s ancient.  In another year it will be old enough to get its own driver’s license.  So of course I wanted to be a part of a sequel…back when I had a job and money.

But I was a ground-floor financial backer and it wasn’t even enough to get one single copy of the dadgum game.  Not that I’m mad!  Just look at me:


I’m a genuine patron of the arts, yet I feel like a nobody.  Maybe I should write a parody song set, set to Randy Travis’s “Shameless”.

“I’m Nameless, Nameless as a man can be…”

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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