Purple Avatars

Today is “Spirit Day”, where we all change our online avatars purple because we want to raise awareness for non-heterosexual youths who suffer from bullying.

It’s called “taking a stand”.

Well, apart from the utterly insane notion that retweeting, hashtags, clicking “like” and “share” on Facebook is “taking a stand”, there is actual evil happening in this world right now.

Don’t get me wrong, bullying is an issue, but it’s not exactly a new problem. I was bullied in school, over 20 years ago. Yes, me, the biggest, tallest and strongest kid in every single year in school, who also played hockey, was bullied by class mates and even a teacher.

But compared to what is going on bullying is the least of our problems right now.

Real civil rights are under fire right now and nobody cares. Real lives are in danger yet purple avatars are the important thing.

Google this man: Imran Firasat

Spain has revoked Mister Firasat’s refugee status, labeled him a “security risk” and wants to deport him to mohammedan Indonesia (because of extremely flimsy accusations from there) where he is expected to get killed because

1) he converted from islam to Christianity (apostasy has the death penalty under islamic “law”) and

2) made a movie critical of islam.

He fled to Norway, was arrested there in the streets like a terrorist after only 8 days and quickly deported back to Spain. Without due process or anything like that. The Norwegian immigration office never interviewed or questioned him, not even once.

But I’m sorry, I’m probably keeping you from changing your avatars to purple with this dose of reality.

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A friend of death, a brother of luck & a son of a b*tch. A bear with guns (based on the right to arm bears), enforcer of the law and a riot cop of history. Studying that Japanese stuff. Shanghaiing your books since 1543.... AND NEVER GIVING THEM BACK!
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