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Awesome women are awesome. Feminists are…something else.

(NOTE–I don’t know why the vids currently aren’t loading.  I’m doing the same thing I always have.  Working on it.) A simply great #GamerGate video:   Though I really wish smart, moral women like Ms. Sommers would quit calling themselves “feminists”.  … Continue reading

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So, about 30 months ago I kickstarted a game for $28…

…and it’s not enough for me to get a copy of the game when it comes out. IT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME TO GET A COPY OF THE GAME!! I’m not mad, understand. Not even disappointed, really, more confused.  But … Continue reading

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There are four kinds of lies…

…lies, damned lies, statistics…and Democrat voting. When the margin of an election is 1% or less, how often would you expect either candidate to win?  Those sorts of contests are often called “tossups”, because they’re as close and unpredictable as the toss … Continue reading

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Minions, my minions!

How I wish you were of higher quality.  Like…

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Purple Avatars

Today is “Spirit Day”, where we all change our online avatars purple because we want to raise awareness for non-heterosexual youths who suffer from bullying. It’s called “taking a stand”. Well, apart from the utterly insane notion that retweeting, hashtags, … Continue reading

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You know the story about riding the tiger?

The hard part about riding a tiger is sticking the dismount. So take an educated guess:  in the nuclear field, when are workers most likely to contaminate themselves? Answer:  when removing their contaminated protective clothing. Don’t forget that tidbit when seeing articles … Continue reading

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I’ve made a huge mistake.

I ended up missing 4 nights of work due to the bureaucratic morass.  Which was really bugging me…until I started working the Turbine Deck. This would have been a breeze in my youth.  Twelve hours on my feet in outrageously … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy just cost me ~40,000 square feet of land.

I’m not working this weekend after all.  “The Man” messed up my digital fingerprinting last week, and I had to redo it this week.  Thus, my security clearance didn’t come through for unescorted access to the nuclear plant. Thus thus, … Continue reading

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Lagniappe, mon chere’!

I love Cajun food so much, sometimes I’ll even cook it myself.  But it’s ridiculously hard to find in most places.  It was nowhere near me in Ohio.  Long Island was terrible, Oak Ridge and Knoxville no better. But now, here I am … Continue reading

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The Great Slog begins.

Starting tomorrow I’m working from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM, every day but Wednesday.  This will last for maybe four weeks. Given how much bed rest I need now, that leaves about two free hours per day.  My main worry … Continue reading

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