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Awesome women are awesome. Feminists are…something else.

(NOTE–I don’t know why the vids currently aren’t loading.  I’m doing the same thing I always have.  Working on it.) A simply great #GamerGate video:   Though I really wish smart, moral women like Ms. Sommers would quit calling themselves “feminists”.  … Continue reading

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So, about 30 months ago I kickstarted a game for $28…

…and it’s not enough for me to get a copy of the game when it comes out. IT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME TO GET A COPY OF THE GAME!! I’m not mad, understand. Not even disappointed, really, more confused.  But … Continue reading

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There are four kinds of lies…

…lies, damned lies, statistics…and Democrat voting. When the margin of an election is 1% or less, how often would you expect either candidate to win?  Those sorts of contests are often called “tossups”, because they’re as close and unpredictable as the toss … Continue reading

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Minions, my minions!

How I wish you were of higher quality.  Like…

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Purple Avatars

Today is “Spirit Day”, where we all change our online avatars purple because we want to raise awareness for non-heterosexual youths who suffer from bullying. It’s called “taking a stand”. Well, apart from the utterly insane notion that retweeting, hashtags, … Continue reading

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You know the story about riding the tiger?

The hard part about riding a tiger is sticking the dismount. So take an educated guess:  in the nuclear field, when are workers most likely to contaminate themselves? Answer:  when removing their contaminated protective clothing. Don’t forget that tidbit when seeing articles … Continue reading

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I’ve made a huge mistake.

I ended up missing 4 nights of work due to the bureaucratic morass.  Which was really bugging me…until I started working the Turbine Deck. This would have been a breeze in my youth.  Twelve hours on my feet in outrageously … Continue reading

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