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Another “React” video, with a very sad coda.

Wasn’t planning to share this “Elders React” video, until I saw the end of it. “Elders React to Fifty Shades of Gray” is the latest Fine Bros. video, put up only a few hours ago: I haven’t seen as many … Continue reading

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Rinsing the taste of modern society out of your mouth.

I follow current events less and less these days.  It’s too horrible.  One of the reasons I quit blogging was because it seemed, increasingly, an exercise in futility. Since I have no trenchant analysis nowadays, here’s some examples of the … Continue reading

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Since Mr. W. has returned to us I think this calls for a party. Bear style, which is, if we’re really honest, the only true style anyway. Be thankful I didn’t use the 60 minute version. It would be too … Continue reading

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Guess who?

Jack the Ripper. Wow.  I’ve followed that question for about 40 years.

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Just give the universities more rope. Oh, and hi guys.

College administrators know best about sexual assault.   The requirements include conducting investigations and holding a hearing even if the criminal justice system concludes the accusation of sexual misconduct is meritless; using the lowest evidentiary standard to determine guilt — preponderance of … Continue reading

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