This is amazing, even for the Ruling Class.

I’m not getting back into political commentary.  But this is stupid even for single-digit-IQ progressives.

band of bothers

Those are the 4 federally-approved health care program types.  But as the author of the article notes:

There are gaps between the corridors. And if your plan happens to fall within one of the gaps, it is no longer a valid plan.

Ha ha ha!  This is what happens when Evil (Bureaucracy) steals the color-code for Good (Dragons)!

Didn’t get that reference?  The following webcomic will explain it perfectly, if you already understand it.  Otherwise you’ll become even more lost.

You’re welcome!

for your convenience




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1 Response to This is amazing, even for the Ruling Class.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    If not even the EUSSR comes up with ideas like a “health insurance exchange” and allowing only a max level of what an insurance can pay for healthcare and all the other stuff thrown around in “Obamacare”, then you know such ideas are really, really, really, REALLY stupid.

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