Let the inbreeding commence!

The so called “ethics council” (Ethikrat) in Germany has published a 91 page statement in which they support legalizing incest between siblings.

Incest is banned under §173 of the German criminal code.

Click to access stellungnahme-inzestverbot.pdf

It gets interesting at page 72.

The ethics council recommends the following.

1) A consensual sexual relationship between siblings of legal age (18 in Germany) shall no longer be a felony punishable under the law.

2) If one of the siblings is above 14 but still under 18 and hasn’t been part of the nuclear family for some time, that sibling shall not be punished. The other sibling, if he or she is 18 or more, shall still be punished, because the other partner is a minor under the law.

In the original statement #2 talks a lot about the separation being of “adequate length” and of “objective assessment” determining whether a unification of both under the nuclear family is likely or not, but I think we know how “objectivity” is handled by such people. As for the “adequate length” of the separation, what is adequate? Of course, the recommendation doesn’t state that. Most likely another decision based on a dice roll.

A discussion based on facts is not happening, because of the good old “Nazikeule”, the Nazi bat. Because Nazi Germany applied eugenics means that today’s government must not have any thoughts or worries about the population’s health. Genetically healthy children as a goal of politics is discrimination against handicapped people.

I know, there are some German readers here, but I think they’ll understand when I say the next. Some time ago I changed the comparison of stupid/dumb/etc in German. Properly it is “dumm, dümmer, am dümmsten”, basically dumb, dumber, dumbest. However, in the light of such events, decisions and recommendations turning more and more into normality in Germany, I have changed it to “dumm, dümmer, Deutschland”. Dumb, dumber, Germany.

Because, seriously, what the heck is going on?

Next to come: legalize sexual relationships between parents and children and eventually pedophilia as well. There is already a movement for the latter lobbying for legalizing it in Europe.

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2 Responses to Let the inbreeding commence!

  1. wormme says:

    Well, I can’t say this site didn’t see this coming. Just put “incest” in the search box here and see the future…yesterday!

    Oh, and thanks for keeping up with things, edo. I guess somebody needs to.

  2. wdydfae says:

    Whoa. That’s just . . . Words fail.

    Nice Euro decline coverage here and in general, Edo.

    You two are shaping up to be an excellent tag team.

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