Just give the universities more rope. Oh, and hi guys.

College administrators know best about sexual assault.  

The requirements include conducting investigations and holding a hearing even if the criminal justice system concludes the accusation of sexual misconduct is meritless; using the lowest evidentiary standard to determine guilt — preponderance of the evidence, which means more than 50 percent; shielding the accuser from answering questions from the accused; and, in the event of acquittal, also providing the accuser an appeal.

Let’s edit that mouthful, shall we?

Guilty until proven innocent.  Then repeat until proven guilty.

This article points out aspects of this approach that are troublesome to anyone who believes in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  What it doesn’t do is tell you how to destroy those who advocate this atrocity:

You:  “You can’t stop there!  You obviously know better than cops, district attorneys, judges, and juries of peers, so…you’ve got to challenge all wrongs, not just sexual assault!”

Them: “Er…what exactly do you m-“

You:  “Murder!  Kidnapping!  Torture!   Mopery!  You universities must each become independent justice systems!”  

And so forth.



Uhm…hi, guys.  God willing, I won’t be disappearing again, at least without warning.  I can’t spend much more time here right now, though.  I’m currently working in Ohio but getting laid off in two weeks.  So this weekend I’m having to fill out info packets for a temporary nuke job that starts in three weeks.  And it’s where my nuclear odyssey began, 30 years ago:  an American Atomic Ouroboros.

As for since last October…

I’m the type of animal that crawls off alone when suffering.  Sick, injured, depressed, these are conditions in which some creatures seek solitude.  No doubt you know some of this sort personally. 

I’m not saying that I’ve been continually down over the entire eleven months.  I mostly just got out of the habit.  The day after Thanksgiving I had My Very First Kidney Stone and a trip to the E.R. (without health insurance, of course).  I almost blogged once in March, when my annual WordPress account lapsed and I had to renew.  That was exactly when this Ohio job had started, though, and I managed to use that as an excuse.

I know this is very exasperating to you human beings.  What can I say?  If I was a vertebrate then this wouldn’t be a wormy blog.   

So why now?  I’ve withdrawn from everything so much that even I’ve gotten tired of it.  So four days ago I decided to try the Costanza Gambit. That was Opposite Day.  It gave me enough strength to go immediately into Reverse Day.  Which then led to Backwards Day.  Today I’m doing Opposite Day again…and here I am.

(Obviously Bizarro Day is reserved for true emergencies.)

I have no idea about coming posts.  I know if I can’t be joyous, or funny, or even merely thoughtful, then please God don’t let me blog.

What am I saying?!  If any of you comment to this, I should reply to whatever you say.  So mote it be.

God bless you all.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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19 Responses to Just give the universities more rope. Oh, and hi guys.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Welcome back Mr. W.

    It’s funny, I was just reading a case like this and how a victim of rape a college (I think Columbia) runs around with a mattress wherever she goes. The criminal investigation is still underway, mind you, so nothing is really clear and from what I gathered the case might as well boil down to her word vs his word, because forensic evidence is either very scarce or not existing at all, which, of course, makes it a pain in the butt, like any other word vs word case. Of course the victim also complained about how the police “harassed” her. How? She didn’t say. She only cried harassment. I guess they didn’t take her word for it and didn’t arrest the guy right away. Such an investigation requires a lot of questions and interrogations. And that’s probably “harassment” to her.

    Among the comments most were screaming (not kidding) for punishing the alleged rapist.

    And of course the usual dribble about “rape culture”. Plus the usual “No means no, no matter what!”, which is complete BS because in their native habitat homo sapiens don’t behave clearly, especially when both parties are under influence.

    A few weeks before I went on vacation I read an interview with a German media mogul and he flat out said that we live in times where facts and evidence no longer matter. It’s all about emotions, feelings, PR stunts and flashy images.

    My Worm, we’re pilgrims in unholy days and in unholy lands.

    Good to see you back.

    And you can now call me sergeant. Passed my sergeant’s exam last year.

    • wormme says:

      Man, you are frighteningly fast to reply!

      I haven’t been swimming much in current events precisely because I’m sick of being depressed. That said…several American courts have recently decreed that male rape victims, age 14, must pay child support when their adult female rapists become pregnant.

      Unholy days and lands, absolutely. But where you’re still a pilgrim, I’ve gone on a hermitage.

      And congratulations indeed, Sgt. Mountainbear!

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Thank you.

    I’m fast because it popped up in my inbox. It’s how I roll.

    Some months back I was a “sexual predator” for roughly 3 seconds. That was after me, my partner and another patrol car had to arrest an ex of mine (karma is a B), who was drunk like a thousand Russians and was attacking a cab driver (also damaged the poor guy’s car and injured him.)

    It went to trial, because of the driver’s injuries, damage to property, resisting arrest, etc. And in there my “dear” ex had the cunning idea to drop allegations of how my partner and I had sexually harassed her.

    She took it onto the wrong judge. It was amusing to watch, really. I’ve known the judge for some 20 years, back when we were both still in college, and when she told my ex off, it was epic.

    • wormme says:

      Do you think European and American females feel about as entitled to be evil, or is one group even worse? NOTE–Unless Euroshrews are also raping and then suing children, I don’t think it’s a contest.

      • Edohiguma says:

        Well, we have the same “all men are rapists” nonsense, so I think they’re pretty evenly matched. The entire sexual assault thing here focuses on men being the perps. There is basically no backup or support for the reverse, even though that happens as well. It’s just not nearly as present because I guess it doesn’t fit into the narrative that evil people will do evil things no matter gender or color.

        I mean, crime rate here is going up, but the only time the media, activists and politicians show outrage is when there’s the one case in a thousand where the victim is not a local but a foreigner from certain cultures. It’s really the same with sexual assault. Women doing evil things doesn’t fit the feminazi narrative.

        • wormme says:

          And let’s juxtapose “GamerGate” with Rotherham. All 30 million male American gamers are misogynist because some boys cybershrieked at a female game developer/cheater. Meanwhile, Islam is the Religion of Peace because most Muslims don’t rape 11-year-old girls (nor do they speak out against those who do, of course).

          Evil women do evil things: it’s the Patriarchy’s fault!

          Evil Muslim patriarchs do unspeakable things to good girls: cultural vibrancy!

          Spoiled anonymous boys post insults about spoiled female…Western men are evil!

          • Edohiguma says:

            I’ve heard that science was invented by men to oppress women, which is used in the pseudo-science of gender studies to make claims of how men and women are 100% equal. All women are naturally lesbians, and they are forced to be hetero by men. And E=mc² is sexist because it discriminates against c.

            And if you think I’m kidding, no, that’s stuff that has been said by feminist “leaders”.

  3. rich says:

    Cool to see you back. I’ve been checking in every so often and was pleasantly surprised to see a new entry! Good luck on the new gig. Hope it works out. Love your nuke writing.

  4. Midwest Rhino says:

    Good to hear from you wormme … of course breaking radio silence could make you a target of the Lois Lerner types, but hey … live free or die, as the license plates say (in RI I think)

    Yeah, I did the hermitage thing about 15 years ago, and live out in the country where I can converse via internet with those of my choosing. Not much hope in current events, unless they can expose the Lois Lerner types that have been using our government to keep leftists in power. With the IRS, college fascism, and out of control prosecutors and lawyers that use the law as weapon against the good … we need four years of prosecuting the enemies domestic, who seem to align with enemies foreign.

    I’m a little older so can sit back and semi retire, while you young guys fight on the front lines. Hopefully they start building more nuke reactors … but there is still job opportunity for you if dirty bombs start going off. It’s getting hard to tell which direction we’re heading, but hope you post at your leisure.

    • wormme says:

      Thank you, good to be back.

      My brother is homesteading this very moment, on 80+ acres of extremely remote Southeastern land. I’d like to buy about 50+ acres right by him, if I can get my house sold pretty soon.

      Of course, I’ll probably have to work all across the country to get the resources needed to build the place up. Just my luck, I’ll be 1500 miles away from sanctuary when the Collapse comes.

      • Midwest Rhino says:

        Regardless of what happens, “homesteading” can be pretty rewarding. I came back to the farm where my family had been for 100 years, though I never directly farmed. My elder care 15 years is done, so the adventure continues. The old chicken house and barns are here on the part I was able to keep, but I have no livestock yet. I’d never put my dusty horticulture degree to work, so perhaps now is the chance.

        A collapse could come quite quickly, though I see a slow degradation more likely, as has been happening for fifty years or so. But with Obama’s Chicago mob in charge, things have been developing rapidly. Billionaires and globalists would like to cut short this little experiment in a government made servant to “we the people”, rather than the opposite order of servitude.

        Homesteaders and the capable may maintain freedom longer, but it is the whole system of American liberty we have to fight for first. If the tyranny/fascism/globalism metastasizes, there will be nowhere to hide for long.

        We need to go back to where voting is limited to landowners, or at least to taxpayers. Of course that won’t happen, so propaganda, Obamaphones and beer, will buy the vote. But good luck with the house and new property. I’m on 150 acres and it is awesome, especially after leaving a bigger city. Green Acres is the life for me … 🙂

        • wormme says:

          I think a slow collapse is more likely too, barring something like a solar CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that hits Earth and fries power and data infrastructures.

          After getting my first kidney stone, the scariest thing about low-tech life would be the loss of access to narcotics. Unskilled dentistry holds no charms, either…

  5. SeanB says:

    Welcome back to the Worm after a mere year of absence. You were sorely missed for the wit, charm and assorted subjects you brought forth.

    • wormme says:

      Thanks so much, Sean! I’m still very much suffering from PTMS (Post Traumatic Media Stress), so it may be a while before the “assorted subjects” are anything but cute animals, uplifting stories, and flash mobs singing the Hallelujah Chorus to mall shoppers.

  6. wdydfae says:

    You know, I really do check back here fairly regularly. How come I check this time and there are . . . (just a minute here . . . scroll . . . scroll . . . scroll . . .) SIX posts up there? SIX!

    Nobody ever tells me anything.

    Hey, Worme. Hey, Edo. Hey fellow Wormeans.

  7. Blake says:

    There’s a day late and a dollar short and then there’s me…Wow, am I late to the party.

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