If only “down” was “up”.

Sorry for the latest disappearance.  Instead of following the “news”, have been catching up on my ComicsAlliance and Comics Curmudgeon reading.

But if you insist on current events, the German Science Babe (my lovely new sister-in-law) just opined on America’s governmental shutdown.  Specifically, she noted that shutting down is obviously different than shutting up.

I, as the sole grandmaster of the English language, must therefore weigh her in the balance.


I find her to be awesome.

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3 Responses to If only “down” was “up”.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    And then the federal government realized that most people don’t really care about them in their daily lives and them not being around trying to control everything bothered no one.

    We can hope, right?

  2. Edohiguma says:

    Though, in all honesty, this whole thing confuses me.

    I know, parties in parliaments (and that’s what congress basically is, they just call themselves senate and congress to sound cooler), don’t always agree on everything. That’s normal. Whether Obamacare is good or bad isn’t even the point either. Okay, it’s bad. Forcing people to buy healthcare and fining them if they chose not to is utterly insane and unsustainable. Even the mess called NHS is smarter than that.

    But anyway.

    See, here it takes our monkeys in the parliament sometimes weeks to figure out a budget, and that’s between coalition partners. It goes back and forth, almost endlessly.

    But during this time no federal employee simply doesn’t go to work. It’s completely unheard of. When our monkeys can’t get anything done it’s business as usual for us anyway.

    Now I see stuff of shutting down monuments and stuff like that. What the heck? When our monkeys can’t get to an agreement we’re not shutting down our monuments and museums. They stay open, business as usual.

    I find the US system very confusing in this regard.

    This is a contest between two retarded parties to find out who is the more retarded one.

    • fjgumby says:

      In regard to the shutting down of monuments: the Feds are also ordering the closure of private campgrounds (and similar) located on Federal land. These businesses don’t take money out of the Federal budget; they pay money into it… but it has been decreed that they shall close.
      In many cases, shutting things down (mouments, web sites) costs more than keeping them in normal operation, let alone simply neglecting them for a while.
      It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s a tantrum. Few of our elected officials operate above a kindergarten level (just listen to live coverage of a high-level Senate committee meeting sometime), and the behavior of government departments reflects this.

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