Prayers for the families of the Naval Yard shooting victims.

And may the victims rest in peace.

Naturally, the ghouls and vultures immediately gathered.  Brit twit Piers Morgan tweeted, among many other things,

What will it take to change America’s gun culture? These massacres can’t just go on and on with nothing being done to stop them, surely?

The best reply was by the awesome American Adam Baldwin:

“What will it take to change America’s gun culture?” ~ It would take a tyranny of the minority, foreigner.

That’s even better than his turns as Jayne Cobb on Firefly and John Casey on Chuck.  (Both shows are very highly recommended.)


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5 Responses to Prayers for the families of the Naval Yard shooting victims.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    The Navy Yard is an active military base, right? So how can someone just waltz in there with a gun and shoot a ton of people? From what I’ve read the guy was not an active service member. These places are supposed to be secure.

    Then again… it probably goes along the same line as the tally-ho snackbar yelling Ft Hood shooter and how a nobody like Manning got access to all these files.

    • Edohiguma says:

      Btw, America’s gun culture makes the “progressives” cry?

      What about Austrian gun culture? Austria has the so called “Schützenkompanien”, literally marksmen/riflemen companies. They are based on the resistance fight against Napoleon’s occupation, are very active in Tyrolean areas and wear historic costumes, but they are not re-enactors. They are basically uniformed, paramilitary units. When they march out to parades they carry real guns that can fire real ammunition. They drill like the army, military service is usually a requirement to join, and they compete in shooting.

      Or hunting. Hunting in Austria is a protected cultural activity.

      Morgan and his looney friends would simply die if they’d go to rural Austria. So many guns, in the open and, even worse for him and his ilk, nobody’s afraid of them. I don’t know a single farmer who doesn’t own at least one gun.

      When you go to rural Austria outside of tourist season, but during hunting season, and visit a pub in the morning, you might even come across a group of guys eating and drinking after an early morning hunt with their rifles hanging right there with their coats. Similar in Bavaria.

    • Many, maybe most CONUS military bases are . . . wait for it . . . Gun Free Zones! That’s right, those who have volunteered to defend our country are not allowed to defend themselves. And service members do what they are trained to do, follow orders.

      It appears from news reports that the shooter had a new job on the base. So the only level of security– the armed security at the gates–was useless. Once past the gate, the killer knew good and well that the people inside were as defenseless as Sandy Hook kindergarteners. All they can do is hide and wait for the MAs to come save them.

      When we lived on Norfolk Naval Base, we weren’t even allowed to keep our firearms in our own home. They had to be stored in the base armory. I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of 2nd amendment rights, but suing for my 2nd amendment rights never did make it to the top of my to-do list.

      • wormme says:

        I think all bases are “MP or gun free”.

        • Edohiguma says:

          That itself wouldn’t really be the issue (though, depends on the location, really, it gets outright suicidal when I see US servicemen in Iraq or A-stan in their bases with empty weapons), but this incident raises some alarming questions on base security. He carried the gun into the facility, just like that, inside a bag that nobody bothered to check. He had a valid pass and he seemed to have gotten that by simply lying about some things in his life without anyone double checking anything. How the hell is that possible?

          Isn’t it scary that the visitors’ areas of jails are more secure than military bases?

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