edo makes two points…

…and one of them is absolutely correct.  Re the previous post and my proposed Barack speech, he noted,

…there are not enough “I” and “me” in this speech,

Obviously he’s right.  That sounded nothing like Barry even if he reversed energy policy.  As to which,

…it would also mean that Obama would have to completely abandon his ideology, and I think it’s more likely for pigs to fly first.

Here I disagree.  Not about the “flying pigs” part, but about abandoning his ideology.  I don’t think edo has actually pondered The One’s philosophy.  Not what he says he believes…what he believes in the privacy of his own head and heart.

edo refers to the ideology of “environmentalism”, and certainly that’s a major horse to which Obama’s political wagon has always been hitched.  But then…so was the “anti-war” crowd, until recently.  Remember Barry’s pre-Presidential “ideology”?  The rhetoric so strong that he nabbed a Nobel Peace Prize before actually doing anything?

Yeah.  For someone who claims to be an anti-war ideologist, Barry sure likes to get his drone on.  How can this be?  Perhaps his true beliefs are other than what he professes.

Obama’s actual ideology is no more environmentalism than it is peace.  Barry’s philosophy is…Barry.  That’s it.  Barry this, Barry that, Barry cannot be wrong and must always get his way, Barry Barry Barry*.

What’s more important to Mr. Hopen’Change, his ego or the Earth’s temperature?  Do you really think he wouldn’t toss every last environmentalist under the bus, starting with Al Gore, if it benefited Barryology?

Of course edo’s right that this will never happen, but not because Obama would have to betray his ideals.  No one–not me, not edo, none who have ever lived, apart from my Lord–is truer to his beliefs than Obama.  It’s just that his ideals–Barry Barry Barry!–will never be sufficiently threatened.  He’s already got sycophants and retinue out there trumpeting his great Middle East victory.  The race card is ever-ready to be played, and it works supremely well on cowards.  And the craven Pretty People will be sucking up to him again, soon enough.

So edo and I split this one 50-50.  He was right about the speech.  It was so unlike an actual Obama speech that I’d have been fired from the White House for daring to submit it.  But edo’s wrong about Obama’s ideology.  Barry would slit Mother Nature’s throat and toss Gaia into a furnace before he’d let those bitches threaten his real beliefs.


*This brings an old song to mind.  You are very welcome.


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to edo makes two points…

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I actually think his ideology is “I like power” and he would do anything to get and keep it. He has his power in the US, some Euro-peons love him too. And that’s his influence sphere.

    • wormme says:

      Well, as another person with an addictive personality, I stick with my analysis. That lust for power is narcissism contending with diminishing returns. And by “diminishing returns” I mean the loss of sensation all addicts experience from acclimated to their drug. And–this just now occurred to me–Barry may soon be entering withdrawal.

      • Edohiguma says:

        Addicts eventually get a tolerance level, so they will always need more to get past that level. I agree with you there. He may already be at this point as his attention whoring with Syria shows.

  2. When folks start up with the “he is secretly muslim” stuff, I roll my eyes. My guess has always been that he worships himself above all else. But I do think there is more to his ideology than “barry.” Whatever label you want to give it: collectivist, totalitarian, communist. Marx is one throat he wouldn’t slit. All the other political principles: universal healthcare, environmentalism, foreign policy stances, prochoice, etc, are changeable into whatever best grows the leviathan gov’t that he worships alongside of himself.

    Also, there is a revenge thing, some kind of chip on the shoulder. Can a narcissist secretly, insecurely wonder if he’s good enough, and still be a narcissist?

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