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My geek IQ is…

…210. Missed one question.  Admittedly, I guessed one but got lucky.  Anyway, it’s Geek Week at YouTube and here’s the quiz.

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How old is that in human years?

Instapundit is twelve years old today, and linked to the site’s  beginning.  I started reading Insty right after 9/11.  The very first post was about the government vs. the monopolistic music industry. With care, the administration could launch an assault that … Continue reading

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TEPCO’s truly tiny tritium terror.

(NOTE:  this post started out on Fukushima, then turned to tritium, then to radiological concerns at the WTC site after 9/11, then to using tritium for assassination, and finally how to survive tritium assassination yourself.  It’s actually a pretty informative essay, and quite useful if you need an … Continue reading

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The horns of a dilemma!

This is the only pic I can find of the elusive dilemma, but unfortunately these two are the hornless variety. Anyway, McKay’s has been mentioned here several times, as an awesome Knoxville book/movie/music/game store.  Yet alas!  Here’s what created the dilemma. As … Continue reading

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Been dealing with a brain virus.

Meant to blog today, but couldn’t after my visit to the bookstore.  They’ve rearranged the store, and a new section was labeled “non-fiction novels”. Thus it was impossible to concentrate on anything else.  My thoughts kept circling back to that label.

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Off to the big city!

Hey, digital sweethearts, I’m swinging into Knoxville TN shortly.  Gonna trade in a bunch of stuff here. Also switched from Comcast to AT&T yesterday, which probably sounds like choosing between arsenic and cyanide.  Which it apparently is, but I still wasted a … Continue reading

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