Threshold, no-threshold, and hormesis dose models.

In comments, ketteti linked to an interesting article:

“Now, after all these years, it’s very hard when people have been frightened to death by any exposure whatsoever, to persuade them that we don’t need to be scared by certain low-dose exposures.”

So true.  A year or so ago I’d read that–Nobel Prize winner!–Hermann Muller had lied his ass off in advancing the no-threshold model for regulatory agencies.  A dishonest Nobel Prize recipient?  Inconceivable!

(Of course, the Nobel for Economic Science isn’t technically a Nobel prize, and in fact the very phrase “economic sciences” is a lie.)

Anyway, yes, the no-threshold model 1) cannot possibly be correct, and 2) is the only one permissible in my business (radiation protection).

I don’t get too upset about it, as if rational standards were used we rad techs would be out of business, or at least paid less for our efforts.  OTOH, if Muller & Co. had been honest, most of our electricity would now be from nukes, which would enormously reduce mankind’s carbon footprint.

So thanks a lot, Muller!  Your lies have destroyed the planet.  Unless, that is, today’s “global warming” crowd is as honest as you were.

Fortunately, that’s a safe bet.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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