The horns of a dilemma!

This is the only pic I can find of the elusive dilemma, but unfortunately these two are the hornless variety.


Anyway, McKay’s has been mentioned here several times, as an awesome Knoxville book/movie/music/game store.  Yet alas!  Here’s what created the dilemma.


As the blogger notes, this is even more of a trap with a recent TN law that permits concealed carry into places serving alcohol.  Bars yes, bookstores no?!  But as lovers of liberty we must accept “my house, my rules”…even when the hosts are idiots and  sanctimonious rules get innocent people killed.  This is such an occasion.

There is at least one TN CCW dude who reads this blog, or at least he did back when it still updated dependably.  He’s also a bookworm.  I suspect that McKay’s has gotten its last dollar from him, if he sees this post.

As for me?  Hey, I must definitely go back to McKay’s, at least once.  Friday’s trip left me with about $140 in store credit.  And I still have media to divest.  Ironically, I want to get rid of more movies because they, like McKay’s signs, are moronic leftist agitprop.

But hey, look at this!  At least agitprops are easier to photograph than dilemmas.


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2 Responses to The horns of a dilemma!

  1. rich says:

    I conceal carry every where I go unless there are metal detectors. Signs like this are purely civil rules for the property owner. As a Libertarian and staunch supporter of private property rules, I get torn between abiding by the owners request and my personal safety.

    I go with my personal safety. If I’m concealed no one ever knows I have it. If I have to use it to defend myself, then the owner can kick me out when I’m done. But believe me, I will only use it to defend the life of me or my family. The owner can come up with their own solution.

    • wormme says:

      Good point, in that I can’t recall hearing about recent charges for carrying in a private establishment. OTOH, I’d expect leftist media to keep quiet about it in most circumstances. Absent a really rare situation, stores would only know about the gun if the CCW holder was an idiot or a robber.

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