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Wish somebody would subsidize my sloth.

Well…anybody but the government.  Though, technically, the latest lack-of-blogging is more due to apathy.  Apparently news has become too outrageous and has blown all of my circuit breakers.  Put simply:  America is rapidly transforming into Airstrip One. The appropriate reaction to statist welfare, assuming one cares enough … Continue reading

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This seems right, somehow.

Detroit water park opens for business…minus the water. “We have a water system that’s 100 years old so those things happen.” A paraphrase of a famous quote leapt to mind.  Just substitute for the word “philosophy”: “The society which scorns … Continue reading

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Can’t get to the chapel on time.

Am missing my brother’s funeral.  Car won’t turn over–apparently it’s the starter.  And I’m no gearhead.  So, best wishes to Kelly and my new sister-in-law, the legendary German Science Babe.

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oh-lihn-GEE’-toe! is not its name.

Silly scientists.  We’ve known this critter for a long time.  We are close personal friends with this critter.  And he prefers to be called, “beardogoon”.

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Wedding news.

My brother and the German Science Babe are getting married tomorrow at 7 P.M. If you’re thinking of gifts, their china pattern is Minecraft Diamond.

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Threshold, no-threshold, and hormesis dose models.

In comments, ketteti linked to an interesting article: “Now, after all these years, it’s very hard when people have been frightened to death by any exposure whatsoever, to persuade them that we don’t need to be scared by certain low-dose … Continue reading

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Luke 11:46.

That verse works in just about any government situation, but especially this one.

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En primer lugar, el castigo…

…a continuación, el juicio. ¿Qué podría ir mal?

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I have a blog?!

Sorry, sorry!  We started a new multiplayer Minecraft world, and thus swore off the outside world and all its manifold disappointments. One of which, I know, is me.  Tell you what:  I’m gonna go out and glance at Drudge, and … Continue reading

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TEPCO is “locking the barn”.

Now that the nuclear horses are getting out…again.  (Thanks to wdydfae for the link.) I have no idea why they didn’t have pumps set up from the beginning.  I know it’s a real pain, given the water volume they must deal … Continue reading

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