I don’t like Spam!!

Due to blog neglect, there were over 100 pending comments marked as “spam”.  Now, for a big site this accumulation might only be an hour’s worth, but it’s still more than I cared to address individually.  So, if you’ve commented lately (on what, I have no idea) and the comment never went up, my sincere apologies.

I will be posting more often from now on, God willing.  None of the ol’, “hopefully there will be more posts”, or, “if there is comment-worthy news” dodges.  I will be posting more.  God willing.

But for the next few hours, possibly the rest of the day, chores and tasks and errands take precedence.  It may take considerable time to get back into routine posting.  And further, the nature and purpose of my writing seem likely to change.  I am tired, so tired, of venting steam.  Venting steam is okay, when a tea kettle does it.  That’s because they don’t blow off steam to blow off steam.

I am sick of, and sorry for, generating so much steam with never a drop of tea.

So, off to do chores, to get exercise, to contact the dad-blasted EEOC…yet again…in hopes that my lost job is not yet totally lost.  Before anything else, I must get back into the habit of practicing good habits.

Shortly after that will come the habit of brewing you nice cups of tea.  God willing.

Wine and cigars will be for special occasions.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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