Oops! Sorry crosspatch and BlakeBlake.

Didn’t notice your comments were in Limbo.  Or is it Purgatory?  crosspatch scoffs at the idea that Fukushima crazyplants are due to radiation, opting for much more common fungal infection.


But just look at that thing.  I have to go with option “C”…radioactive fungal mutants!

Obviously it’s possible to mutate plants with radiation.  In fact, you can even get a merit badge for it.

Get samples of irradiated seeds. Plant them. Plant a group of nonirradiated seeds of the same kind. Grow both groups. List any differences. Discuss what irradiation does to seeds.

That Boy Scout list ought to have had one more option:  “Explain why the Atomic Energy Badge should have been called the Nuclear Energy Badge.”  Yes, yes, x-rays are not nuclear.  But the rest of it is.

The preferred method to mutate seeds is by shining a very strong x-ray or gamma beam on them.  The absolute worst way is by doping the surrounding environment with twelve metric s**tloads of radioactive contamination…which, in the case of Fukushima gardens, is the only way it would have occurred.

So just slap a frisker on that Cthulhuoid…tomato?  If your instrument shrieks bloody murder, I’d favor mutation by irradiation.  I would also recommend doing some shrieking yourself, at the gardener.  “What The Fukushima is wrong with you?”

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