Just learned two new things about the Zimmerman situation.

Is there any reason to believe that Zimmerman is an ultra-perceptive genius who never makes a false step while under pressure?  Right.  So, here’s another bit from his initial questioning by police:

…one of the detectives, while interrogating Zimmerman at the police station that night, told him that the entire incident had been caught on surveillance video. The detective was bluffing, but Zimmerman didn’t know that. His reaction: “Thank God”.

I wonder if that came out in the trial?  If not, the only sane reason I can see for the defense avoiding it is that it would somehow require him to take the stand.  Keeping him away was obviously the right call, given that both the prosecution persecution and the judge were out to get him.

The other thing should be of vital concern to Jesse Jackson.  There could have been a black male juror, but he was racially cut from the racist list by the creepy ass persecution crackers.  Eliminated for the crime of being black…a black watcher of Fox News.  Please please please, let someone on-camera hit Jesse with this.

Wait, I also learned a third thing.  Kim Kardasian’s dad was a member of O.J. Simpson’s legal defense team.  But I’m actively trying to unremember that factoid, so obviously the only reason for sharing it is…oh.  Sorry!  Apparently I hate you.

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2 Responses to Just learned two new things about the Zimmerman situation.

  1. Sue says:

    It came out at trial, during an excellent cross examination of the State’s own witness, lead investigator Chris Serino, on day 6, July 1st. Legal Insurrection had Andrew Branca doing great coverage. Just about every State witness ended up supporting the defense in some way but Serino’s testimony seemed particularly helpful.

    Zimmerman not only said, “Thank God” about a supposed surveillance video; he answered Serino’s (and other investigators’) questions without a lawyer, waived his Miranda rights voluntarily, and managed to impress Serino to such an extent that when the defense lawyer, O’Mara, asked Serino on the stand, “Do you think George Zimmerman was telling you the truth?” Serino’s answer was, “Yes.”

    The prosecution had played re-enactment video that Zimmerman did for the police the day after the shooting, as well as a lot of other taped interview material, so in a way they managed to let Zimmerman testify without ever being on the stand. All that material was available to the jury during deliberations, too.

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