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Notes on CACA.

So if you read the previous (and lengthy) post on City America, Country America, you’ll see my second stab at blogging toward a book.  The first was a forward to The Book of Unspeakable Truth.  This gives me…two forwards!  I should quit books and start a basketball team instead. My problem is … Continue reading

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The Forward to City America, Country America.

There are, everywhere, two types of people:  city mice and country mice.  This is from Aesop’s Fables, of course.  City mice had wealth but country mice had security.    Here is the entire tale: Now you must know that a Town Mouse … Continue reading

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I don’t like Spam!!

Due to blog neglect, there were over 100 pending comments marked as “spam”.  Now, for a big site this accumulation might only be an hour’s worth, but it’s still more than I cared to address individually.  So, if you’ve commented lately … Continue reading

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Sorry for the infrequent posts, have been in China…

…on a top secret mission.

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“The name’s Verboten…Manuel Verboten.”

Please address me as such from now on. And please do use this Weinernamegenerator to determine your own rightful name.

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Storytelling is easy.

It’s storylistening that’s hard.

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Yes, black America:  there has never been a time when America has not kept you down.  Your ancestors, betrayed by their African neighbors, were shipped here as cargo.  Your forefathers were chained and whipped, your foremothers raped.  Your people were … Continue reading

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Prologue to a speech on the oppression of black America.

People are, as usual, calling for frank discussions of race.  Which would be, as always, a terrible mistake.  “But,” you protest, “isn’t honesty the best policy?”  No.  If you believe that, you haven’t thought it through: Honesty is the best … Continue reading

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Roger L. Simon lies, claims to be a racist.

Roger L. Simon is an author of mystery novels and non-fiction, an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, and one of the creators of PJMedia.  (Full disclosure:  A decade ago he agreed to let me mention his name if I shopped a murder … Continue reading

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Did you know that the Fed has quit going further into debt?

Me neither.  Until now.  I was sure debt would be right at $17 trillion, but no!  It is exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00…and has been for 57 days. Even though the portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit has  not changed in … Continue reading

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