Boehner is totally loyal to the federal government…

…as it continues to enslave the American people.

He believes the country is subservient to him and his fellow Ruling Classmates.  That’s why the cry of “Treason!”  He’s all butt-hurt that the whistleblower felt that the Constitution takes precedence over the Nuremburg philosophy.

Boehner is the Harry Reid of the Republican Party.  In Colonial times he’d have been shrieking treason at the Founding Fathers like a proper little Tory, God bless good King George III!

But of course he’d also be the first one to hop on the bandwagon after the Revolution succeeded.  That Boehner is consider a “leader”…of anything…is a perfect indictment of modern “civilization”.

Also, he’s the only person in history who should actually be judged on his skin color.  Which is just wrong.


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3 Responses to Boehner is totally loyal to the federal government…

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Well duh. He’s part of the Beltway Mafia. There’s a saying in German how one crow doesn’t hack out the eyes of another crow. Dog don’t eat dog.

    He’s pretty much like our “conservatives”. They’re all CINOs. Conservative in name only. Just earlier today the news broke that Salzburg has a new government. It’s the People’s Party (aka our version of the conservatives) snuggling up with… the Green party. Yeah…

    • Edohiguma says:

      Another thing is… Why is Snowden called “whistleblower”? The NSA data centers aren’t really a new thing. That they’re watching people’s online activities isn’t new either. I was not surprised when these news broke.

      But hey, at least your politicians aren’t where the Germans are by now. Some there believe that the police should be allowed to use trojans to fight “terrorists” and “to protect the youth”. And that’s actually a more liberal approach. Some German politicians dream of outright restricting net access.

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