What does a lone wolf and a rogue elephant have in common?

This just gets funnier and funnier.

Kathleen Parker leaps back, mewling, into the “whatever are we to do with men?” catfight.  Okay, so that was a lie.  Catfights are actually interesting.  But “henfest” doesn’t work either, because their squawking is  definitely not festive.  Instead it’s getting more and more…broody.   

(Sorry, but puns in this instance are like Chun.  Unavoidable.) 

Summary:  women are increasingly frustrated that men flee enslavement.   Here’s the recent doozy, as a British chick “explains” a lack of families:

…I have experienced nothing but trouble whenever I have attempted to persuade a man to have children with me.
…in my experience men increasingly behave with terrible selfishness when it comes to giving up their bachelor lifestyles.
…he disappears into his man-baby playroom to lose himself in Nintendo. How pathetic.

True, he should also be playing the PS3 and X360.  And, for the self-righteous cherry on her sundae of samctimony,

I felt a shameful urge to tell her to secretly stop taking the Pill.

Er…Ms. Kite?  If you thought it was shameful you wouldn’t share it.  In truth, you love the idea.  After all, it’s doing the pathetic man-baby a favor.  Make him grow up, that’s the ticket.   He’ll see the light once you’ve trapped him  financially, won’t he?  Force him to do what you want, the selfish bastard.

It’s simple.  Society has disarmed British blokes, both figuratively and literally.  And what are the English conditioned to do when bombs rain down on their heads?  Duck and cover.  And honestly, which shelter would you prefer?  The ’40s version or the 21st Century one?



You won the war and scattered your enemies, Ms. Kite.  Your reward is the male Diaspora.   And now the chicken has started to sing.  Sorry, mixed metaphor.  I meant to say that the fat lady has come home to roost.

Back in the Colonies, in Kathleen Parker’s defense, she actually believes she’s fighting for men.   Har har!

My argument that men should be saved-

Dive into the Sea of Narcissism.  Men should be saved.  The rest of her column bemoans the difficulties a manfree existence causes longsuffering women and children, so obviously men are imperiled. You poor lil’ males, lounging with your buddies playing awesome video games and snarfin’ down whatever you want.  Don’t worry, Kathleen Parker has arrived.

Now, I can’t explain irrationality or insanity.  But I can show you...precisely…where Ms. Parker mistakes noon for midnight:

If we continue to impose low expectations and negative messaging on men and boys,

Low expectations?  Low expectations? Low EXPECTATIONS?!

Men opt out because Ms. Parker and her fellow cluckers expect too little.  They actually believe this.  They’re seeing fewer members because qualifications are too easy.  So if they just raised the difficulty bar, men would start to reenlist.  Because the harder something is, the more people you’ll find doing it.  Right?  You know.

The way that high school valedictorians always outnumber the student body.

Ms. Parker means well, but she is absolutely, utterly, categorically* bass-ackwards.  Western society is dying because women are held to low expectations.  Specifically, the lowest standards of human behavior in culture at any time, ever.  What was once punished in toddlers is now celebrated in the XX community.

Men, this is how “low” womens’ expectations have become of you:  asking one on a date is either a good thing or sexual assault, depending.  Depending on whether she finds you atrractive.  ‘Nuff said?  But don’t worry:  Ms. Parker plans to raise that expectation even higher.

Women, is that thing in your belly a baby or a cancer?  Your choice, whether an agonized decision or a sudden whim.  Kill it, despite the man’s pleas, or force him into financial servitude for decades against his fervent objections.  And if it’s a cuckoo in the nest–because what are solemn vows against your momentary pleasure–then your cucklolded husband must finance the betrayal.  How dare he complian!

Divorce him as you wish.  If this causes you any unhappiness, obviously it’s his fault and he deserves that his children be used against him as a weapon.

Bear false witness to rape.  Why not?  You’ll probably get the unsurpassed thrill of destroying a human life.  But if you should get caught?  “Dear, we really shouldn’t do things like that, though the impulse is understandable.”

Above all, support every “sister” in every selfish, deluded, spiteful choice, because women can do no wrong and when it appears otherwise you’ll always find a man to blame, somewhere.

Hey, where have all the men gone?  Hiding in their man-baby playrooms, how pathetic.  We should drag them all out and make them do as they’re told.  Is this because they’re selfish bastards and deserve it, as Ms. Kite believes?  Or is it for their own good, as Ms. Parker avers?

It cannot possibly be–can it?–that men without women are less unhappy than women without men?  Ladies, what does a lone wolf and a rogue elephant have in common?

Bonus questions:  suppose you drive ever-more males from the herd, who band together and find that life becomes easier and food more plentiful and sport more available?  And meanwhile the weakened herd becomes ever-more endangered from the perils which have never gone away?

Who’s in need of saving, again, Ms. Parker?


DISCLAIMER #1:  Because modern females aren’t held to the same moral standards as men,  my respect for real women is increased, not decreased.  Dr. Helen, Lil’ Miss Attila,  nooneofanyimport, they are all pearls of great price because they don’t have to be.  They could get away with being mental and moral clods of dirt.  So, many thanks to all grown-up women.

*DISCLAIMER #2:  Though “Categorically” is defined as, “Being without exception or qualification; absolute,” that also seems bass-ackwards to me.  “Uncategorically” should mean “without category”, which strongly implies “without exception or qualification.”  Right?


LAGNIAPPE and Q.E.D.:  Proof positive of my argument.  “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men.”

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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12 Responses to What does a lone wolf and a rogue elephant have in common?

  1. Edohiguma says:

    “I have experienced nothing but trouble whenever I have attempted to persuade a man to have children with me.”

    Okay, there’s the problem. I don’t have a Nintendo/PS3/Xbox man-baby playroom, but if a woman would try that approach with me? Attempting to persuade me?


    Plus, a man? She’s not saying “my husband/my boyfriend”. No, she clearly states “a man”. Yeah… okay… I’M RUNNING AGAIN!

    Strangely enough, I just read this a few minutes ago: http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0000268342

  2. Blake says:

    Dr. Helen’s “Men On Strike” is a pretty good read.

    • wormme says:

      She’s a peach. But then so are all the women I regularly read. I bet it’s the same for you, because why torture yourself?

      That’s what the gals are for, after all.

  3. wdydfae says:

    I’ve been dipping into the “manosphere” for a couple of years and I picked up a lot of stuff that is probably covered in Dr. Helen’s book. It’s been eye opening, though pretty hard to read sometimes. In sum, men essentially have just about zero legal rights these days and, to put if very mildly, should be highly circumspect about considering marriage. (Some of the most devastating commentary among the men’s rights people is against the “trad cons,” with their “man up!” message, pace Parker. I’ve waded through a lot of criticism of Christianity, from all kinds of groups, but that one really struck me mute.)

    I can’t remember where I saw this, but under an article/graph about male suicide, a commenter pointed out that the male suicide rate (absurdly high) dropped somewhat right about when gaming technology got much better. Maybe just correlation but the commenter was proposing causation.

    Unrelated question: is there a smiley face hidden in one of Worme’s dirt-flecked worms, or is that just some strange artifact?

  4. Wormy, yer a peach for your disclaimer. Of course, the women who understand our modern anti-male culture don’t need it.

    Our culture is so saturated with, oh, what do you even call it? Gender fallacies? Anyway it’s so saturated that even conservatives often consider themselves “feminists” and even Christians have to explain away parts of the Bible so they don’t get called chauvinist pigs or whatever. It’s so insidious, too. At the earliest age, a boy’s desire to be male is discouraged, and people for the most part I reckon have no idea they are even doing it. They just think, what, we are more civilized and gentle as a society now? So let’s discourage the gun play, the horse play, let’s sit down and do crafts.

    “Ladies, what does a lone wolf and a rogue elephant have in common?” oh, okay I’ll admit it. I have absolutely no idea.

    my best to you

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  6. Edohiguma says:

    Here’s the latest gem: http://www.spiegel.de/unispiegel/wunderbar/gleichberechtigung-uni-leipzig-nutzt-weibliche-bezeichnungen-a-903530.html

    Of course from Germany. It’s sold as a language reform and for good for equality.

    To give you the gist of it: at the university of Leipzig, the senate has decided that all academic titles are to be used only in the female form. Professor becomes “Professorin”. Doktor becomes “Doktorin”. Always. No more male forms.

    That means, of course, that, when addressing, you now have to call a male professor “Herr Professorin”. Female professors are now “Frau Professorin”, which is “doppelt-gemoppelt”, repetitively redundant, since the Frau already implies a female. The “gender-expert”, however, sees it as “necessary self defense.” Note how the “gender-expert” is an economist and a Eurocrat.

    As if it’s not bad enough that we have the “Binnen I” (as in: “PolitikerInnen”, “Polizist/innen”, “Student_Innen”, when addressing both male and female) and even some people moaning about “Mother” and “Father” being discriminating. Especially “mother” is a very evil term for some people out there.

    It’s the murder of language for the sake of political correctness and simply because they can do it. It’s revenge for imaginary injustices that these self-loathing pseudo-men and feminist harpies have cooked up in their ideology addled brains.

    ((Please note that the reaction of “the people” to such things is generally extremely negative and ranges from mocking to outright insulting those responsible for it.))

    Though it does prove again that the comparison for “dumb” and “retarded” have changed.

    Dumb. Dumber. German.
    Retarded. More retarded. German.

    • I want to laugh about this, but I’m cringing too hard. That is crazy Edo.

      • Edohiguma says:

        It’s Germany.

        Batsh*t insane is part of the program.

        Remember, those are the same Germans, who, in numbers of tens of thousands, protested against nuclear power in the wake of Fukushima and who were totally silent when North Korea popped a nuke.

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