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So what’s going on in the world?

Ahhh, forget I asked, I can guess.  Hearing about the British beheading and the Swedish riots was more than enough news for now. Did an eight mile walk today, and worked on a letter.  I’m sending it to my former … Continue reading

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If I do manage to get my job back…

…getting fired will be the best thing that’s happened in years.  For the first time in the last year, maybe two, energy is coming back to me.  I can hardly believe how worn down and run down and exhausted I was.  … Continue reading

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So, finally got hold of the highly regarded specialist attorney.  His recommendation was going through the EEOC for the ADA concerns, and the DoL about the FMLA.  I’m not even going to unpack those acronyms; hopefully, you’ll never need any … Continue reading

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IRS claims of non-partisanship create a Wall of Zeroes.

Via Insty, I see that Mark Hemingway calls it the Ideological Revenue Service.  As usual, I fixate on numbers. Some 471 conservative groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status were harassed by the IRS… We’re not hearing any progressive complaints about the IRS, which … Continue reading

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Two reasons for the recent blackout on civics and politics. Wait, three.

First, obviously, is that I’m worried about my personal situation. But I also don’t want to jinx it.  By “it”, of course, I mean this blowback on Obama and Co.  The response is barely a millionth of what’s deserved, but at least … Continue reading

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Now that the horses have all gotten out…

…the barn door gets locked. In theory, I could have managed my apnea since beginning to wear the CPAP respirator back in…I think…February.  Instead, it mostly got worse.  The specialists said most people adjust to the discomfort in a month, … Continue reading

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Sorry, ed and wydyfae.

There’s something weird in pending comments.  Some piled up there even though they went up on the blog as well.  ed hering’s and wydyfae’s did not, and I just now noticed. I don’t think I’ve missed any other carbon-based messages … Continue reading

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