Today’s gem

Here’s a gem from work today:

One homeless guy attacks another homeless guy, beats him up, steals his guitar. He’s later found sleeping, with the guitar, not far from where he attacked the other guy.

His blood alcohol was 3.6 per mill. Legal limit here for driving is 0.8 per mill.

Yes, he could still stand, walk and actually hit the other guy in the face.

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2 Responses to Today’s gem

  1. SeanB says:

    Interesting. My neighbour worked for a few decades as a chief matron at the local public service hospital, and has many stories of just how drunks act. One was a man who came in complaining of a headache. Took his hat off to show a crowbar stuck through his skull from front to rear, in and through and out. He was drinking with his brother and they got into a fight. Then the brother showed up, with an axe in his head, also complaining of a head ache. saw the other and the wanted to continue the fight.

    Both were operated on, and surprisingly both were released with no brain injuries, the axe and the crowbar both penetrated and went through the brain schism, and only damaged the dura and left a little debris inside that was not removed.

    Both were very drunk at the time.

    I have heard of a Russian man who had a blood alcohol in the 5% range who survived, this is 50mg per ml, or pretty much the same as most beers.

  2. Dan says:

    While the measurement “yardstick” for BAC is a percentage I have NEVER seen or heard of
    anyone with a proven laboratory measured BA of 1% or more. The legal limit for DUI in most
    jurisdictions is .o8%. This means that less than one percent of your blood volume is alcohol.
    About a month ago we had the medics haul one in who was passed out in the sprinklers of a
    local park with a BA of .6…..he returned a week later with a BA of .42 and was able to talk.
    Not long ago I had one who not only had a BA of .55 but could stand up….piss INTO the toilet
    and remember his buds phone number for a ride. These were professionals…..the average
    amateur is out cold by .3, often before that.

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