My very first niece has a blog!

Thera was in the Peace Corps in Mali, and is now teaching English in South Korea.  She’s a bookworm, like her uncle, but unlike your host she is also cool.  Her drawings are very fun, and remind me a bit of Hark, A Vagrant‘s Kate Beaton.

So here’s a sample from The World Wants to Kill Me, reprinted totally without her permission.  After all, what’s she gonna do about it?  She’s in South Korea.


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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8 Responses to My very first niece has a blog!

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I see the snarky way of putting things runs in the family? 😛

    Personally I think the peace corps is a bit naive. I wouldn’t go to Mali or any other of those countries at any time for any reason. I see them as lost causes. Let’s face it, after decades of help from us these people, all across Africa, have learned nothing. Their number one solution for their problems is always only one thing: being total savages who kill each other. I’ve reached the point where I say “Let them”.

    Though, I think it’s great that her experiences with Albania and Serbia were good. Mine, with Albanians and Serbs… well… Let’s just say this: Albanians and Serbs are among the biggest troublemakers here. Maybe it’s tunnel vision, but roughly 40% of the prisoner in our jails are foreigners, predominantly Albanians, Serbs, Romanians and mohammedans. Yet they make only a small percentage of people living here. Yes, I’ll say it: if we didn’t let them all in we’d have 40% less prisoners and a lot less crime.

    But I guess those places are a bit like France. Beautiful country, terrible people.

    • wormme says:

      I tend to agree about the Peace Corps as an organization, but the individuals I’ve met who’ve served in it have all been admirable. Or, at least, tolerable, unlike any U.N. bureaucratic drone.

      I’d also have to say that my niece is a bit less naïve than most. Thus the name of her blog.

      • Edohiguma says:

        I agree, they’re good people. It’s sad that they’re being wasted for things that will have zero effect on the long run and puts them in danger.

  2. wdydfae says:

    I love it! I The hookworm adventure was great! A Wormette blogging about a worm. How can you beat that?

    She could go big with this if she started framing the pictures in a slightly more standard format. Tho maybe she doesn’t want to go big with it . . .

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