IRS claims of non-partisanship create a Wall of Zeroes.

Via Insty, I see that Mark Hemingway calls it the Ideological Revenue Service.  As usual, I fixate on numbers.

Some 471 conservative groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status were harassed by the IRS…

We’re not hearing any progressive complaints about the IRS, which means harassment of them is somewhere between non-existent and utterly negligible.  Leftists whine incessantly about whatever’s bothering them, whether it exists or not.  So, no IRS bother.  None.

The IRS claims to be completely non-partisan .  How likely is this?  It’s exactly as likely as tossing a coin and getting all heads or all tails…471 times in a row.

So, a 1 in 471 chance?  Er, not exactly.  To make this easier we’ll round off our calculations a little.  In the IRS’s favor, of course.

The odds of (by chance) flipping a coin the exact same way ten times in a row is one in a thousand.  For every ten additional exact flips, add three zeros to number.  The IRS managed to do 47 such sets of ten, plus one more flip.

So, the odds that the IRS and its apologists are being truthful?  They’re about 1 in…




And people say you can’t trust the government!

Oh, and if I do get an Instalanche?  I just lost my job, because I couldn’t deal with my sleep apnea and work simultaneously.  So, for the first and hopefully last time, I’ll beg for donations.  There’s a small Paypal donation button beneath my blogroll.  It was originally meant to finance video blogging, but I suppose now it’s more of a Beanee Weanee Fund.

(NOTE–I’ll be trying to set up a new computer today, and you know how that can get.  If I’m not back in a few hours, send a search party.)

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  1. Billy says:

    Totally unrelated. My wife wanted your opinion on the TV series Rules of Engagement. It has Patrick Warburton in it. Have you seen it? Thoughts?

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