Harry Reid: Inherently un-American.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid really doesn’t like Tea Partyers.  So he set up an absurd straw man took a few feeble swings at those horrible, horrible “anarchists”.  It would be a pitiful display by a boy, much less a supposedly grown man.  (Sen. Reid, there’s no need to explain.  We already know that you hate the Tea Parties for the same reason King George III hated the original “Tea in the Sea” crowd.    

But Reid didn’t stop there: 

“Government is not inherently bad,” he retorted; “government is inherently good.”

The Senate Majority Leader claims that government is inherently good.   

in·her·ent (n-hîr nt, -h r-) adj. Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic.

“Government is inherently good.”  Is it possible to create a philosophy further from America’s Founders?  Give it a try.  Harry Reid is the anti-Adams, the nega-Jefferson, the Bizarro Madison.  Hell, how many of history’s worst despots and dictators have made Reid’s utopian claim?  When Lenin murdered ten million Ukrainians he compared it to “breaking eggs”.  So at least Vlad respected himself and others enough to acknowledge that genocide isn’t inherently good.  But according to Reid, the government can do no wrong

This goes beyond any claim made by any historical ruler, ever.  The Divine Right of kingsKingly ascension into godhood?  Those are the penny-ante beliefs of primitive screwheads.  Harry Reid knows better.  By claiming it as inherently good, Reid says this:  Government Is God

He is, of course, as wrong as a person can be about anything.  The Founders knew, and we know, exactly what Harry Reid worships.  A necessary evil.  Government is…at best…a necessary evil. 

The state is like chemotherapy or heart surgery.  They are evil because by their nature they damage everything, not just what’s intended.  But they are necessary because the alternative is worse.  You cannot remove a whole cancer without cutting into the healthy flesh that surrounds it.  And that’s why surgery is inherently bad.  Otherwise, Springheel Jack was just as much a doctor as John Heysham Gibbon was.

The Hippocratic Oath says, “do no harm,” but that isn’t possible with surgery or extreme treatments.  Still, it gets the point across.  Its political equivalent is, of course, “he governs best who governs least.”  Though some politicans still give lip-service to the idea, it’s more of a Hypocritic Oath.   

I doubt that Harry Reid is intrinsically evil…yet.  In fact, if he’s inherently stupid, he might not be very bad at all.  Maybe he doesn’t know that rulers and governments have murdered more, raped more, stolen more, and enslaved more than everyone else in existence, combined.  Maybe this poor retarded thumbsucker has never heard about the Nazi Holocaust or the Soviet gulags or Mao’s Great Leap Forward.   

“Government is inherently good.”  No, it isn’t.  But Harry Reid is inherently un-American.  Also, I like to say, “primitive screwheads”.


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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to Harry Reid: Inherently un-American.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    War is peace. Ignorance is strength.

    I’m 100% not surprised.

  2. Blake says:

    Government is inherently good?

    Elian Gonzalez, David Koresh and Randy Weaver just might disagree.

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