OMGThis is Rubio’s press secretary, talking about America’s illegal immigrants foreign devils: 

 “We haven’t had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery.”

Riiiiight.  Because Jim Crow was Yankee slander of the perfect American South.  Or remember F’n D. Roosevelt’s enslavement of law-abiding Americans.


Did black Americans deserve reparations for slavery?  Those directly harmed by it, of course.  Meaning that it’s been six or seven generations since payment would have been proper.  Did interred Sino-Americans deserve reparations?  Of course they did.  As our last great statesman agreed:


So, Marco Rubio and Co., do we law-abiding citizens owe reparations to scofflaws?  Or…just spit-balling here…if you believe illegals are slaves maybe we should, you know…FREE THEM?!  If illegal immigration is slavery, then…banishment is freedom!

Until now I didn’t want to evict every single non-American-American.  This is due to cost, logistics, and hardship on children.  But better to toss them all out, than to treat them as property.

Hey ho, Rubio, slavery has got to go.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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3 Responses to Oh…em…gee.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    “I regret evoking slavery in the context of the current debate because obviously there’s no comparison between the plight of slaves and today’s illegal immigrants. The point I was trying to make (in 140 characters) is that allowing immigrants to apply for permanent residence, but not eventually be able to apply for the full benefits of citizenship, has been tried and failed, and has had disastrous social consequences in Europe today.”

    The update is funny. And it’s a complete lie.

    The disastrous social consequences in Europe are because we let everyone in and give them everything! Citizenship and benefits are handed out like candy!

  2. wormme says:

    We’re not far behind! Come, fair and illegal Mexicans, and tell us of our sins!

    • Edohiguma says:

      It’s completely insane.

      When my ex gf from Japan was studying here, she had to jump through hoops, had to bring a nice load of money and show that she German skills just to study. Not even talking about her getting a work permit, that was just insane.

      Then we have this nice woman: Anna Netrebko. Opera singer. She’s the one example that makes everyone who’s not part of the wannabe intellectuals rage. I guess she’s an okay singer (wouldn’t know, don’t dig opera, like the music but hate the singing), but here’s the thing. 2006 she was given citizenship. Just like that. German skills? None. Oh yeah, she speaks great English, politicians and intellectuals were all praising her for that. That’s nice. But we don’t speak English here. Her husband? Same kind of asshat. Last year she finally said that she will learn German. Wow, that’s nice. 6 years after you got our citizenship for absolutely no reason at all you’re finally going to learn our lingo? Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

      Has she done it so for? As far as I know, no.

      Of course we do the same with athletes as well. We used to have a lot of so called “Austro-Canadians” in hockey. Aka Canadians who move here to play hockey. They usually get nationalized on the fast track. But at least they work their butts off to learn the language and usually speak it pretty well, so I can live with that. They make an effort. Good.

      Many years ago I was working with a Romanian citizen in computer repairs business. The guy was good. Highly qualified, perfectly integrated, hard working, good German skills. He had been in Austria for like 20 years. Did he get the citizenship? Of course not. That would have made sense.

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