To reader “Billy”,

Have you heard this news yet

I’ve still never seen the original.  It’s head-scratching: the Powers That Be decided that Blake’s Seven is worth a remake but still isn’t worth converting to the American DVD format.


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2 Responses to To reader “Billy”,

  1. Billy says:

    No, haven’t heard about this until now; thanks for the news; will keep an eye out for the series.

    And I only assumed Blake’s 7 was available on DVD. I have them on VHS, recorded from PBS broadcast long ago. If I ever get around to buying a VHS/DVD recorder combo, I’ll make DVD copies. Same with all the Dr Who’s, first 6 Doctors (12+ years?).

    I use to have the 7th Doctor’s episodes too but the writing and production was soooo bad I tossed them.

    • wormme says:

      Yeah, I’ve tried to view all the Doctor Who episodes available to me, and waded through them. They were agonizing, but worst of all were the fight scenes. I have never seen their equal. And not in a good way.

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