We are finally instituting some Z.A.P.s!

So, the internet does still exist.  My weekend was Netflix instead of Netscape.  Watching, not browsing.  Oh, and I read Fragment, which isn’t a great novel but is a great story with lots of great ideas. 

I expect to employ the WWWeb much more this month, though.  Research is needed to intelligently convert most of my current liquidity into property and physical goods.  My brother is the maven on secluded real estate and the German Science Babe is looking into…actually, I’m not sure.  In the past she’s examined power, water, storage, waste, etc. with Z.A.P. in mind, but her current focus is unknown.

And how is my own compliance with the Zombie Apocalypse Protocols*?  Terrible.  Just awful.  It’s awful even in the short term.  I haven’t formally stocked any food at all, and my pitifully small water supply is distilled, as it’s intended only for the humidor and nasal insufflator.  So it’s time for me to choose between the Boy Scout motto and To Serve Man. 

*Note:  obviously, our Z.A.P.s differ substantially from the CDC’s protocols, since these government drones will become the very threat they warn about.  When pitiless, insatiable hunger finally takes human form to bang on your doors and smash out your windows…the vector of infection will have been been the federal government, including the CDC. 

Irony is so ironic.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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