Current insights.

Work has been hectic this week, and had to stay late yesterday. 

Have kept up with current events a little, but have no desire to comment upon them.  I’d just like to note that “current” events imply a current.  Well, “current = current” isn’t an implication, it’s a repetition. 

The point is, “currents”, as in rivers and streams, are flowing, linear things.  From Point A to Point B to Point C they go; past, current, future.  The current is predictable and inevitable.  A current is just so, so Progressive.  It flows in only one direction, much as progressives know only one direction:  toward the Almighty State. 

Of course, there are swirls and eddies in every river, since a utopian current is no more possible than a utopian society.  And statists cannot stand such deviations from “progress”.  They put up with teeny little crosscurrents (like this blog) only until they eliminate the bigger offenders.  Do you remember their initial disdain and amusement at the “Tea Parties”, and how that morphed into rabid insane hatred?  Imagine your statist barge is floating serenely down your perfectly calmed, tamed river.  Then you notice a tiny swirl in the water.  This is a annoyance, naturally, because it means a perfectly calmed and tamed river is, in fact, neither.  But the eddy is certainly no threat…until it grows so big and so fast that you’re in fear of being swept overboard…by the treacherous river itself…and carried the wrong way.

And, of course, it doesn’t help that neither you nor your fellow travelers bothered learning how to swim.

If you survived that danger as, alas, the Left has done, would you ever again view a crosscurrent with contemptuous amusement?  If I was more interested in dissecting progressive pathologies, I might re-examine the very first statist reactions to those little swirls of freedom-loving defiance.   Do you remember leftist amusement at the quant little “Don’t Tread on Me” retards, when not many had gone public yet?  I seem to.  Can’t recall much leftist amusement since then, though.  Or any at all, for that matter.  Perhaps, having no understanding of liberty, they now see every ripple in the water as a potential Tea Party maelstrom?  And wouldn’t that be sweet?  It’s gotta be exhausting on the poor little tyrants.

So I guess I don’t believe in “current events”, only “news”.  And right now I see “news” as rain upon a lake.  Splashes everywhere, beyond counting, open your eyes and you can’t not see them…and every single drop causes its own ripples, spreading out and growing fainter, merging with the lake beyond the limits of the keenest senses.

There you go, progressives.  Narrative that.      

(Oh, and thanks, mg and commenters, for the previous post and remarks.  I’m not planning to quit blogging, or swear off the Internet.  I’m just sort of…hibernating?  Worm hibernation?  That’s what this is.  Maybe.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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